15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 4 of 15

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If you missed parts 1,2 or 3 you can find them here: http://bravester.com/author/worship_fermata/

Question #4
Is it me or does a lot of Sunday corporate worship look a lot more like a Sunday performance?

I’ve talked a lot about this before so for this blog I’m just going to give you a visual:

Rock Concert Production:
1. Synchronized light Show
2. Spotlights
3. Fog machine
4. Drum platform
5. All band members 18-30 years old
6. Band members all thin and attractive
7. Video feed showing the band members during worship
8. Five or more guitars on stands on the stage
9. Pyrotechnics
10. Choreographed dancing

If this list describes your Sunday morning corporate worship set stage, you are probably performing, not worshiping. If items 1-10 are taking you away from prayer and preparation, you are probably performing, not worshiping.


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