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The Lament for Grief

Grief is unique. Unlike emotions that don’t necessarily take you anywhere and can also keep you stuck, grief is a forward motion. It hurts like hell and that is where it starts to move you forward to denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Pain is your beginning. Grief means I am getting ready for what […]

The Lament for Singles

I read this article on Good Friday, Where Have All the Lamenters Gone? I had to share this part: Reclaiming the Lost Language of Lament It’s time to recover this lost language. And I believe to find our way back to this essential, life-giving practice, we do it together. The Jewish people lamented in community, […]

Safe People Lead You Into a Life of Forgiveness

There are people in your life—or you can get people in your life—to help you live bravely into a life of forgiveness. These are the same people who are living brave as whole people with boundaries willing to get their hearts broken and still be brave who speak words that heal you. Because of how […]

Wedding Pictures!!!!!!

Note from Brenda:  Just had to share the happy day. Emily and Zane will figure out I did this in about a week.  Enjoy! Dear brave single person. Emily has bravely shared her story here. I was there with her when her parents marriage broke up. I was there with her when she became the […]

What 10 Countries in 23 Days Taught Me

It’s hard to believe The Global Scavenger Hunt has ended and I’ve now been back to America for two weeks. Two weeks! I remember when we’d been overseas for two weeks. We were finishing up Egypt, about to head to Europe for the final big leg of the trip, and I couldn’t fathom another week […]

O, You of Little Faith!

Luke 12:22, 27-28 I tend to worry. I’m what you would maybe call a perfectionist? I don’t like to admit it, but I am just that. I want everything to be just right, so when it comes to my wedding day I want everything to be SUPER perfect. Just last night, my friend Emily, Zane and I […]

When Trusting God Isn’t Enough

I love songs like Trust In You and Thy Will Be Done, I really do. I’ve sung both of these songs in worship at my church. I love the thought that when God doesn’t seem to hear our prayers, thoughts and concerns, that He knows better than we do and He is watching out for […]

The Bravery That is a Life of Forgiveness

A life of forgiveness sounds like a brave life. Like the bravest of all lives. And it sounds unattainable to you. I must mention my life quote again, “The brokenhearted are indeed the bravest among us—they dared to love, and they dared to forgive.” as quoted Dr. Brene Brown in Rising Strong. This is a […]

I Love NY

This trip was a curious one. When I returned from Greece (the first time), I was kicking and screaming. When I returned from Greece (the second time), I did so begrudgingly. When I returned from my working holiday in New Zealand, I experienced culture shock. (People at LAX were not as “No worries, mate!” as everyone in […]

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