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Straight and Narrow

Have you ever had a concept in your head and all your life you thought about it a certain way and then one day, someone suggests a different perspective and your whole world is rocked? Well, I just had this kind of experience. In Hebrews 11 and 12, the author is re-capping the stories of […]

Do You Have a Book Inside of You?

I was listening to this interview yesterday with author, Margaret Feinberg. She has written many Bravester-type of books. In this interview she said this, studies have shown that 70 percent of Americans believe they have a book in them. 70%!!!!  I believe when it comes to Christians that number probably goes up even higher because […]

Not What I Had in Mind…

My husband and I are embarking on a new and exciting journey- Buying our first house! Currently, we live in a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom detached apartment. Everyone in our town and our church calls our place the “The Little House” and that description is 100% accurate. A brief history of The Little House: […]

When God Gets Personal

One consistent theme in the Bible is that God pursues us. I believe that God defines love as a pursuing force that is not dependent upon my response back. God is going to continue to pursue and love me anyway because He is love. Who amongst you thought from the title that this was a […]

“I always felt that God was mildly disgusted with me.”

We are in year 2 of a seven year prison sentence with one of our sons. In year 2 we are seeing an increasingly amount of growth in him! We’ve been through prison sentences with him before but never one this long. But this is what happens when he chose to self-sabotage his life instead […]

Sometimes, our suffering can be redeemed and made useful, our torn heart suddenly opened into a passageway for receiving and returning love.

Sometimes the hard things in life bring nothing but ruin. Sometimes burnout leads to depression. Sometimes injustice leads to violence. Sometimes brokenness leads to self-hatred. Sometimes doubt leads to a loss of faith. Sometimes death removes all hope. There are hard things and there are harder things. The good news (although it may not sound […]

How to Heal After Being Dumped

There are so many blogs here on Bravester about having a broken heart. I should have named this the Broken Hearts Club. Who knew that part of living a brave life is walking into the vulnerability that allows your heart to get broken? That that is the brave thing. Even more importantly that heartache is […]

Pain is the Beginning. And Time is a Necessity.

Big fat truth in that captured photo. Pain is the beginning. And time is a necessity. Ugh. I want this over now!!!! Day by day the Lord takes care of the innocent, and they will receive a reward that lasts forever. They will survive through the hard times; even in famine they will have more […]

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