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Don’t Compromise Your Soul So You Can Get Married

Hmmmmm…how do you handle the truth when you see it? “When truth presents itself, the wise person sees the light, takes it in, and makes adjustments. The fool tries to adjust the truth so he does not have to adjust to it.” —Dr. Henry Cloud, Necessary Endings (I recommend this book!) To compromise in a […]

There Was Supposed to be a Wedding Tomorrow

There was supposed to be a wedding tomorrow for one of my grown teens from a previous youth group. He was in this relationship for 5+ years. He asked me to be a part of his team. I grew to know his girlfriend. I rejoiced with her when she decided to become a Christian. They […]

When my best yes was actually a no. 

A few weeks ago, a friend posed the question for a magazine topic, “What has been your best Yes of 2017?”  I read it and passed it off, but the rest of the day, that question kept coming back into my head. I’m usually the person who says “yes” to everything, even when I don’t […]

Fighting Nostalgia So God Can Lead Us To New Obstacles in Our Lives

We are in year 2 of a seven year prison sentence with one of our sons. In year 2 we are seeing an increasingly amount of growth in him! We’ve been through prison sentences with him before but never one this long. But this is what happens when he chose to self-sabotage his life instead […]

Happy Thanks-grieving!

When I flipped the calendar over 15 days ago, my heart hurt. November. In years prior, it’s always brought feelings of gratefulness over my heart as I love thinking about Thanksgiving and then Christmas just around the corner. Even while overseas, we still managed to have some pretty fun Thanksgivings. This year though, November brings […]

I Saw Ferris Bueller in the Movie Theatre

Like back in 1986 days. Like when it was first released in June of 1986. And I laughed and laughed and laughed. I have such great memories of that afternoon matinee. Yes, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a very funny movie, now deemed a classic. My memories are correct to remember how funny it was […]

Step One: Committing to Falling

There are so many blogs here on Bravester on having a broken heart. I should have named this the Broken Hearts Club. Who knew that part of living a brave life is walking into the vulnerability that allows your heart to get broken. That that is the brave thing. But even more importantly that heartache […]

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