Happy New Year, Brave Travelers on This Broken Road of Faith

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I’m reading Dr. Brene’ Brown’s newest book, Dare to Lead. Duh that I am. I am a big fan.

In the introduction Dr. Brown lays it out for us:

If you choose courage, you will absolutely know failure, disappointment, setback and even heartbreak. …That’s why it’s so rare. –Dr. Brene’ Brown, Dare to Lead, p. xviii

You’ve been goalsetting for 2019? You’ve been making some brave goals. Then your 2019 will also know failure, disappointment, setback, and heartbreak.

Welcome to the brave life. Because even with those painful words (and experiences), you will never feel more alive.

A couple weeks ago a brave lady, Jessica, I know shared her story on Your Story. For the past seven years she has sought discernment and picked a word for her goal of the new year. The words she has picked are strong words. Her word for this year is Prepare.

I’ve loved to see how other women have been inspired by this and are picking their own words for 2019. Each word has varied so much from the others that I have to believe each one is Holy Spirit inspired and each one of these women will grow in the areas their word signifies.

I’m excited for each one of them as they make these brave decisions to grow their lives. They will never feel more alive.

I’ve been praying for a Bible verse for Bravester for the 2019. I too have been inspired by Jessica. This is what I believe it is:

But Christ, as the Son, is in charge of God’s entire house. And we are God’s house, if we keep our courage and remain confident in our hope in Christ. Hebrews 3:6 NLT

Is it a coincidence that this verse for 2019 has the word courage in it? Probably. But I didn’t go searching for a verse with the word courage or brave in it.

We are God’s house living this brave life. We become God’s fingers touching this world, touching hearts, inspiring stories, healing souls, and making this world a better place. This means we will absolutely know failure, disappointment, setback and even heartbreak. Loving people, forgiving people puts us in vulnerability and leads us into those brave decisions to continue to be God’s house.

This is the movement of God. Jesus comes to us in a death experience to bring new life and new possibility out of it. Pain is the beginning. Jesus’ death looks like the failure of all failures. But is the beginning of everything. It is also your beginning.

Which leads you down that broken road of faith. Because you are broken. Because you are still trying to figure what being a part of God’s house looks like, lives like. But we can discern that it is Jesus who calls us when we find him ministering to us in love and compassion inside some kind of death experience, some kind of loss, failure, or heartbreak. To be formed in faith on that broken road is to have the very life story of Jesus pressed into our own life story. And the movement of God is Jesus putting on beautiful skin to touch this world which ends in a death experience–and then a resurrection experience which gives us all new possibilities.

As daunting as that life may sound, you will never feel more alive.

I just finished another book that ties a lot of these God house thoughts to that book. And it’s not written by Dr. Brene’ Brown! If anything in this blog put a twinge in your heart, may I challenge you to read this book in January? The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World by Rosaria Butterfield. You will find inspiration to become  God’s house, if we keep our courage and remain confident in our hope in Christ. And you will feel alive.

Happy New Year, brave travelers on this broken road of faith. We may be rare but we are fully alive.

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