9 Hours in Bangkok and a 1st Place Finish

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This is a report from Mark because he explains why.

I am writing this from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. I am also writing it using my iPhone because we left our laptops behind in Colombo. Let me first explain how we got here.

Friday was a very long and busy day. The day started with breakfast at our beautiful hotel in Hanoi. From there it was a bus ride to the airport where we boarded a flight to Bangkok. Bangkok was not known to us until we got on the bus as it was our layover city en route to Colombo, Sri Lanka. We arrived into Bangkok at 1:00 PM and our departing flight was at 10:10 PM. After a group meeting and instructions, that gave us about 8 hours for a par 1 layover leg in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jenny and I had a great day in Bangkok. The list of challenges for the layover leg was simple with about 10 items and none of the global scavengers that I highlighted in my Vietnam post. There was one special scavenge awarded to the first team to take a photo of an elephant. Immediately after getting off of the Airlink train, Jenny and I bolted to the zoo to find an elephant. We took the picture, text it to the organizer, and found out later that night that we got the bonus points. The rest of the layover leg was spent running around by tuk tuk and seeing different sights and eating different food. I was also able to get a Thai foot massage for one of the challenges. Late in the day we started running into problems with reports of things being closed. We were able to keep going, found a couple places still open, and two fun unexpected highlights as well. The best was ending the day with a ride back to the train station in a pimped-out tuk tuk blasting dance music the entire way (a fun video to post sometime). We learned this morning that we took first place for the leg, with the elephant photo pushing us over the top. It was only a par 1 leg, but it still felt good to be back in the action.

tuk tuk

Our flight into Colombo, Sri Lanka arrived at midnight, or 1:30 AM Hanoi time. We were all very tired as we arrived at the hotel at around 1:30 AM. This morning began fairly leisurely with us being able to sleep in, eat a great breakfast, and start the Sri Lanka leg with a group meeting at 11:00 AM. The Sri Lanka leg is a par 6, which means over 1/5th of the points to the overall champion are from Sri Lanka. We are here for five nights and four full days of scavenges. The scavenges here are designed to get us out and around the country. Jenny and I selected to take a nearly five hour train ride to Anuradhapura where we had to find a hotel, on our own, for the night. We are also only traveling with our daypacks, so I decided to leave my laptop behind in Colombo. Based on the plans we came up with on the train, we will be getting back to Colombo on Monday afternoon. Hopefully, around that time I’ll get another post out and this time with photos.

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(Photo credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/57/Three_elephants_in_a_show_in_Taman_Safari%2C_Bogor%2C_Indonesia.jpg)

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