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Brenda Seefeldt Amodea has been in youth ministry for 35 years and is an ordained minister. This means she really loves teenagers (she does!) and that she has walked through dating and marriage issues with her grown teens for those same 35 years. She has lots and lots of practical experience. Brenda also has lots of strong and practiced opinions which this blog will allow her to share.

The Vulnerability of Dating

Yes, dating is full of vulnerability.  This is why so many dread dating so much.  It is you meeting someone new who is trying to figure out who you are.  That is vulnerable.  Who are you presenting to this new person?  Do you like this person you are presenting to this new date? There is […]

Mistakes are Experiences

So you’ve had an ending.  Now you are in the midst of a quagmire of emotions.  Know this:  Mistakes are experiences. What did you learn about you? Too often we use our mistakes to shame us. The voices in our heads that we are not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough grow very […]

Loneliness Soup Served at Christmas

Tis the season, huh? My girl posted this on Facebook back on November 20 making this declaration: The holiday season is blanketed as a time of joy and thankfulness. But as some of us deal with brokenness in our families, like me for example, holidays can be an anxiety-provoking time of year. This season, though, […]

Merry Christmas to the Lonely

This is a blog about brave dating. One could assume that everyone who is reading it is brave and has a full life of dating and friendships. That would be nice if everyone was that way. But a real truth that is screaming at you right now is you are lonely. You are not alone […]

An Idea to See Into One’s Past

Just an idea. I have never put this idea into practice yet. I’m not even sure of the practics of how to do this idea yet. But I thought it was worthy to pass on and I do plan on adding this to my coaching opportunities. There is something here. Again, I’ve got to give […]

Another List to Help You Know if Your Other is Actually Going to Change This Time

I’ve been coaching a great young lady through a relationship. She has really tried to make it work. She has contorted herself quite a bit to make it work (against my coaching). The relationship nearly ended last March but some decisions were made to give them a “restart.” Then in September they nearly ended again […]

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