Be Brave

Brenda Seefeldt Amodea is in her 35th year of ministry—all of it with youth. She loves youth—and that role in ministry is not ending. The topic of bravery has been a consistent message she has taught over those 35 years. Brenda has many stories she loves to share—and not stories from 35 years ago. They are current stories as she continues to live bravely.

The Stages of Transition

It’s official and public. I have resigned from my church where I have served for 25 years. Twenty. Five. Years. I’m going through some transition right now. I’ve got that holy tension going on which has all sorts of discomfort. I am facing this discomfort willingly. My desire is to embrace each stage of this […]

Living In Your Holy Tension

Jesus healed the woman with the disease that caused her to bleed. Not much is known about this woman. Not even a name. But what this woman did remained clear in people’s minds. Three of the four gospels have recorded what she did. They missed her name but they did not miss what she bravely […]

It is Dangerous to Hope

A sentence in my Facebook stream from a grown youth caught my attention—and stuck with me for hours. She posted “Quitting my job today actually felt like hope.” This is Janelle making a big and scary decision that is actually Plan B. She wrote a blog about this decision which I must share with you. […]

Hope Always Requires Vulnerability

To live with hope is hard. Mostly because you have to live in vulnerability to hope. The reality is you may be let down or worse yet—crushed because of hope. Being crushed is something you never forget, never forget to feel. So to risk being crushed again makes hope evasive. It is safer not to […]

A Window Into the Joy of Being Broken-Hearted

Please watch this video below. Also read the back story.  I probably resonate with this story so much because it is similar to how I got my family. We didn’t adopt because their parents didn’t abandon our boys but we do have this forever family with them. This couple became broken-hearted over this abandoned girl. […]

The Choice to Live Broken Hearted

“The brokenhearted are indeed the bravest among us—they dared to love, and they dared to forgive.” –Dr. Brene Brown, Rising Strong, p. 156 Oh my goodness I love the research of Dr. Brene’ Brown. I very likely would love Dr. Brene’ Brown also, when I get the chance to meet her. Her research (research, not […]

Faith and Bravery Cannot Be Separated

We know from the well-known “faith chapter” of Hebrews 11 that faith defined is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see (v. 1). For me, this definition of faith is more understandable: Faith is taking the first step even when you cannot see […]

I Am Called Ma

Ma is not my favorite endearment for mother. It sounds so “country” and “backwoodsy” and where we live is far from that. But I am called Ma by my son. Understand, I never thought I would be a mother. I knew early on that I wouldn’t be able to have babies. I just knew. I […]

At This Juncture…

I’ve been told often that the story of raising the kids John and I have is brave. I’ve never considered it brave. It all began out of curiosity—Holy Spirit curiosity. I was curious as to why a group of rotten disruptive students at the middle school I was subbing at would hang around with me […]

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