Be Brave

Brenda Seefeldt Amodea is in her 35th year of ministry—all of it with youth. She loves youth—and that role in ministry is not ending. The topic of bravery has been a consistent message she has taught over those 35 years. Brenda has many stories she loves to share—and not stories from 35 years ago. They are current stories as she continues to live bravely.

Daring God

Daring here is not an adjective of God. Here it is a verb. Do you ever dare God? Would you ever dare God? Are you brave enough to dare God? I dare you to. I dare you to dare God. Click To Tweet Forrest Gump is a real person. His real name is Jimbo Meador. […]

A Certain Faith is Not Brave

The struggle of living a life of faith is real! Yes, I know my identity in Christ. I know the grace that is ever present in my life. This I have also learned–I must live in vulnerability to grow my faith. Yes, there is that word again. Vulnerability. I cannot repeat myself enough because I […]

I Pray When I Don’t Know What To Do

So I pray often. It was out of my broken-heart over our very real race problems back in August that I came up with this: I sent the sentences into jail to our son. I wanted his opinion on it since he has such a hard time being dependent on anything. Shame and scarcity have […]

ABCs of Gratitude

Abacos – The Abacos are a group of islands that surround the Abaco Sea which is a part of the Bahamas. It is not a tourist destination nor is it an easy destination but it is special. This is where John and I spent part of our honeymoon and it has become our favorite destination. […]

Dress Rehearsing Tragedy So You Can Beat Vulnerability to the Punch

You are not the only one who receives good news but grimaces inside because you are waiting “for the other shoe to drop.” Or you start talking yourself down from enjoying something (like a chocolate peanut butter brownie) because you “just know” something terrible is going to happen next. Or you begin to enjoy the […]

Playing in the Rain

Summer camps are designed to make lasting memories. Faith grows from one memory to the next. Think about that in your own life. If you put your faith on a timeline it would follow memorable moments that would define your faith—with the truth also being some of those memorable moments are quite painful. Hence why […]

You are Something

You are beautiful and wonderfully created. I can’t repeat this truth enough. You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. Psalm 139:13-14. In love God stooped down and created […]

Blessed Are the Content, For They Shall Stop the Chaos of Striving

When I say content, I don’t mean lukewarm, wishy-washy, apathetic, indifferent, impassive, or another other uninspiring word like this. I mean content as in deep peace that this (whatever this is) is enough. That I am enough. And this is good. When I say content, I don’t mean to not have goals or to not […]

A True Story 35 Years in the Making

I love teenagers. I love their vibe, their potential, their abilities, their hope. I am a youth pastor through-and-through and will always continue to be. This is why I’ve been one for 35 years. That means I was “doing” youth ministry in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and now and in the future. This also means […]

The Keeper of the Questions

While writing Slightly Braver, I began wandering through an old file filled with former writings.  This one sounded so very Bravester, yet it was written in 2002 for Wild Frontier, a youth ministry resource I led for 25 years.  I believe Bravester has always been in me. Anyway for nostalgic sake and because there is […]

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