Dauntlessly Cautious

"Abigail is an 18-year-old eccentric with a passion for life and loving others. Writing is one of the ways in which she expresses her joy for living. She is a published author in a regional youth poetry anthology, her local newspaper, and on various blogs across the internet. When not relaxing on her favorite sofa spot, she can be found daydreaming on her neighborhood swing, taking a walk, or participating in some sort of youth group event." Abigail is a freshman at James Madison University. Read more about Abigail at https://thiscrazywriter.wordpress.com/.

The Library (We’re All Kids)

At school, lunch is my time to steal off to the library. I really enjoy the freedom. There aren’t any teachers telling me where to go or what to do. It’s my time to be me, my time to be free. The library is peaceful, calm, and stocked full of almost any kind of book […]

Dear Misfits

This is for all the outcasts, losers, loners, misfits, weirdos, dorks, and underdogs out there. People don’t seem to understand you. The world moves on around you, going at a pace you just can’t keep up with. There is a path you’re supposed to follow, but it never feels right under your right. Somewhere out […]

God, My Big Sister

I walked away from the Lord in December of 2014. It wasn’t a decision I made on the fly because I was feeling pissy and temperamental. I had been lost in my faith for over a year, and frankly, I felt completely abandoned. I was so tired of wrestling with abandonment. For once, I wanted […]

God is Watching

I have never felt entirely comfortable with the notion of God constantly watching me. When I’m in the shower or the bathroom, I want privacy. When I’m sleeping, I don’t want to be stared at. Because I am deeply unsettled by ceaseless observation, I’ve had some doubts about getting close to God. He’s already close […]

All About You

You’re walking down the hallway and you hear two guys calling a girl “easy.” You were a desperate romantic in the seventh grade, and they went to your middle school, so they must be talking about you. How could you have been so horrible? You texted somebody a while ago, and they’ve read your message, […]

Am I a Sh*&y Christian

Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve always sort of felt like one. At least, there’s an image in my mind of what a Christian looks like that I certainly don’t live up to. I swear unashamedly, if my title didn’t already give that away. I think creationism is crap. I’m staunchly pro-LGBT. I don’t really believe […]

Emotional Exhalation

There was a time I wasn’t doing too well. I was on a fall youth retreat. I’d woken up alright, but things had started to go south around noon. Everyone was pissing me off, insecurities were getting the better of me, and I felt kind of washed out. As soon as there was free time, I […]

A Friendly Letter to Tumblr

To be completely honest, a large percentage of this website has a stick up its ass. Get over yourselves, take a breath of fresh air (I mean actual, outside air) and realize that the real world doesn’t revolve around you. People aren’t going to cater to your every sensitivity, nor are they going to hand […]

How Horror Helps Me Find God

I’m a bit of a horror junkie–or at least, I’m getting there. All my life, I’ve really enjoyed writing terrifying and slightly (maybe more than slightly) disturbing works of literature. I’ve gotten interested in some TV horror and Stephen King writing, and I don’t plan to stop there. Horror brings me joy. And, in a […]

The Could Be

The Human stands at the edge of a cliff, gazing at an immensely vast forest on the other side of the canyon. The forest is called the Want To Be. It is bright and startlingly green against the burnt expanse of desert that rolls onward in every other direction. A thousand rivers of diamond water […]

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