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"Abigail is an 18-year-old eccentric with a passion for life and loving others. Writing is one of the ways in which she expresses her joy for living. She is a published author in a regional youth poetry anthology, her local newspaper, and on various blogs across the internet. When not relaxing on her favorite sofa spot, she can be found daydreaming on her neighborhood swing, taking a walk, or participating in some sort of youth group event." Abigail is a freshman at James Madison University. Read more about Abigail at https://thiscrazywriter.wordpress.com/.

Who You Are

All my life, it’s been drummed into my head that I’m talented. I write good stories, create beautiful music, and get decent grades. The older I got, the more I attached myself to my big web of achievements. Chorus concerts, piano recitals, creative writing awards–I performed, received praise, and shone with self-assurance. My talents were […]

Trust Me

Every fifth period, about twenty-five algebra students deposit their phones in hanging storage pockets at the front of the classroom. Despite being instructed to, I am not one of them. Yes, I understand the meaning of this rule. The teacher doesn’t want us using our phones during class. So I make it a point not […]

Bravery in Surrender

I briefly touched upon this in my previous post on crying. Our culture is obsessed with strength and bravery. Everybody and their mother wants to be the valorous hero holding a sword, covered in sweat and glory. But there’s actually something to be said for surrendering. The surrender I am talking about is not letting yourself be a […]

God and Physical Touch

Dear God, You’ve been so open to me all my life. You make yourself available constantly. Even on my worst nights, on the nights when I curse the moon and stars, you don’t abandon me. But Lord, I cannot keep pretending that I love you. When hugging and holding are so important to me, it’s […]


Crying is too often considered a weak surrender, an admission to defeat. Here, I define crying not just as the flow of tears, because there are some of us (not me!) who are naturally not criers; nobody should be put down for being a certain way. Crying can be any form of releasing emotion. There’s […]

Stream of Consciousness: Tonight

I have written about the stream of consciousness technique. Tonight, I’m going to put it into practice myself, because I’m short on ideas. (Actually, I have some ideas, but I’m too exhausted to put them all together right now. I promised myself I’d commit to blogging every day, so we’ll see how this goes.) Online textbooks. […]

The Genie

You’re relaxing one Saturday afternoon, just minding your own business, when a genie pops out of your sink. He doesn’t grant you three wishes. Not even two. You have one wish. What do you choose? Good grades, new clothes, free college? I would be tempted to ask for world peace, but I would hesitate. I […]


I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a fake problem. Can surface problems be faked? Yes, they can and are. However, there is always something deeper hiding behind any mask. I’m mostly discussing those who exaggerate, distort, or completely fabricate their own problems. They’re generally given no sympathy and regarded […]

The Effort of Writing

My previous post, “7 Common Misconceptions About Teenagers,” took an lot of time to write, if I’m being blunt. I am one very exhausted writer. Yet here I am, continuing to write. I want to get used to this. This could be my life. Sitting by a computer with a glass of milk, lounging in […]

7 Common Misconceptions About Teenagers

Teenagers. We are the partying, eye-rolling, texting lunatics who just want thrills and a good time. We’re whiny, self-obsessed, and appallingly impulsive. Right? Well, not exactly. Some of us do match the classic youngster archetype, but there are so many–I may even go so far as to say the majority–who don’t. It gets tiresome to […]

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