Missionary Momma

Sarah is a wife, mom to 3 spunky kids, and a full time missionary serving overseas in Botswana Africa. Africa took over her heart 15 years ago and never let go. Her life as a missionary momma is full of adventure, the mundane, and more life lessons than she can count. She loves Jesus, coffee, baking sweet things, and coloring with her kids. Her motto is to “Choose Joy” and find His grace in each moment.

Red Cups of Happiness…..well maybe not this year!

Those that know me really well know that I love coffee. Growing up I remember waking up to the smell of Folgers, a smell that always signified that my mom was up and moving around. I remember one time my moms coffee pot broke and thankfully Grandma Wurl came to the rescue with another coffee […]

“Uh Dear, there’s a scorpion in the boys room!”

I live in Africa where there are some of the worst snakes in the world.  There are also numerous bugs, spiders, and scorpions that are dangerous.  Some of those bugs even will “spit” acid at their offenders.  I mean, I suppose if you’re going to have a defense system….spitting acid is a pretty good “super […]

Missing Me Some Fall…….

** I wrote this post on fall two years ago while living in the Philippines.  Fall has always been the hardest time for me living overseas so I thought it would only be appropriate to share this part of my life.  It all still rings true! So if you know me well at all, you […]

Bravery in Missionary Kids!

So this is a post from my MissionaryMommy blog, but it’s one of my most favorites!  My kids teach me every day what it means to be brave and this is one of my favorite stories.  Piper in particular is always willing to try new things and this is just one of her many adventures […]

Finishing Strong!

I read a quote by Christine Caine (Love her!) recently that said this… How we finish one thing directly impacts the way we enter into a new thing.  I’ve been pondering this quote the past few days and the thought of it really excites me. You see I started Whole30 on October 1st.  For as […]

Life Is Your Ministry

I get asked the question a lot of, “What do you do?” A few years ago that question would have been answered pretty strait forward, but these days, well it’s harder for me to answer. Just today I was taking our friend to the clinic for a quick check up and on the way she […]

The Blah’s of Doodles of Praise……

Sorry, this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, but the face is quite accurate some days.  Just blah. (And since this site is all about being Brave…..I say posting unflattering pictures constitutes as big bravery! Ha!) I’ll confess….I haven’t done any drawing, doodling, or anything of the sort in my bible or a plain […]

Bravery Around Me

I’ve had the privilege to live in Botswana now for almost 10 years. I love this country. I love that it’s home to me. I love the beauty of this land and the faces of her people. When I think of living a brave life or what living a brave life looks like, I honestly […]

Doodles of Praise Part 2

So if you read my previous post and I made you curious, this post will give you some of the “how” behind creating your own Doodles of Praise! First off, there are two things you need to overcome. First one, get rid of thinking you’re not creative enough. Even if your pictures look like your […]

Doodles of Praise Part 1

Doodles of Praise will be a weekly post about my Bible Journaling.  While it’s not necessarily brave living, I know many readers might be looking for a bit something outside of the box.  I hope this challenges you to find your own creative outlet!  I’ve always loved to draw. I don’t claim to be very […]

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