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John Amodea has more than 35 years of experience in the music industry. His more recent music experience (for the past 7 years) is as the worship leader and song writer at New Covenant Fellowship, a relatively small but very diverse non-denominational church in Manassas, Virginia. John has earned a Bachelor’s degree in music and has studied under the likes of Peter Prisco and Turk Van Lake (arranger/guitar player with the Benny Goodman Orchestra). John recently released a worship CD with the NCF worship band, Led, called “Beyond the Walls.” “My plan here is to share the things I have learned as a lifelong musician, long time worshipper, worship leader and follower of Jesus Christ. Some of what I share will be practical, some will be musical and hopefully all will be based in the truth of God’s Word. And I expect some of it may be way out on the Wild Frontier.”

My Love (Is Never Earned)

It’s sometimes impossible to believe that God loves us right where we are. We’re so imperfect, so flawed, so self-absorbed. Why would the creator of the universe and everything in it care to love me? But He does. John logic: What can I do, what can I say? To earn Your love another day? What […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 6 of 15

If you missed parts 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 you can find them here. Question #6: Do we bring too many new songs to our congregations? As a songwriter, musician, worshiper and arranger I love to continually write new songs, improve as a musician and worship in new ways, with new songs. God has […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 5 of 15

If you missed parts 1, 2, 3 or 4 you can find them here. Question #5: Are we building too many worship leader kingdoms? As a worship leader isn’t it my responsibility to raise up more worship leaders? Do we hog the stage? During my recent sabbatical I’ve visited more than a dozen churches in […]

How Do You See Me, Lord?

I’ve been a musician and songwriter for nearly 40 years. It’s a big part of who I am and how I function. It’s how God made me. It’s also often how I communicate with God, how I look for answers, how I praise Him and how I pray. This song, “How Do You See Me, […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 4 of 15

If you missed parts 1,2 or 3 you can find them here: http://bravester.com/author/worship_fermata/ Question #4 Is it me or does a lot of Sunday corporate worship look a lot more like a Sunday performance? I’ve talked a lot about this before so for this blog I’m just going to give you a visual: Rock Concert […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 3 of 15

See parts One and Two. Question #3 Are we spending too much time and effort creating the perfect worship environment in our churches? Is our focus on the wrong thing? Do we need perfect lighting, large stages, mood-setting audio/visual, etc? Spoiler alert: The answer to the last question above is no, we don’t need perfect […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 2 of 15

Question #2 Have we lost the authenticity of worship and are we now just creating “music”? After 20 years at my church in Manassas, Virginia, I took a three-month sabbatical this past summer. During that time I visited many churches in the Washington DC area and had a chance to see and experience many different […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 1 of 15

Question #1 Is the guitar-driven worship model we’ve been seeing in churches for 20 years still relevant and effective? In a time when nearly all of our popular music is electronically created are we still connecting with the younger generation? Have you ever wondered why the worship sound in contemporary churches across America hasn’t really […]

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