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Your Story is user-submitted honest stories from readers who have decided to live a brave life.  They have embraced that pain is their beginning and are willing to share what they have learned along the way.  All submissions remain anonymous, unless the submitter requests differently.  If you would like to submit your story, write out how pain was your beginning and what you’ve learned along the way and then submit it here:

Why Your Friend Goes Back (Understanding Abuse)

The only one who can really understand why someone stays in an abusive relationship is the person it is happening to. It is VERY frustrating for the friends and family members who can see this happening plain as day, but when you are IN it, you have no idea how bad it is. You have […]

I Used To See God as a Toymaker

I have always struggled with the idea of God feeling any real love towards His creation. Through the influence of certain churches and individuals, I have always seen God as a toymaker; He creates us for his own personal pleasure, but feels no genuine love towards us, and does not see us as having legitimate […]

Be Careful What You Fall in Love With

Two years ago as a single mom in my mid-thirties I fell in love, head over heels in love. I can’t say it was unexpected, I was a broken person searching for love. I had accounts on several dating sites, trying to find my Mr. Right in world. Maybe I was on the verge […]

An Open Letter to All Those Who Are #OVERIT

An open letter to all those who are #OVERIT: As a white middle class Christian, I do not claim to understand the hurt of racial and religious prejudice, though I do have friends who have had first hand experiences with it. As a woman and a millennial I have had my own experiences with prejudices […]

Joyfully Single on Valentine’s Day

This past week has been a week of considerable joy for me.  This is not a feeling I can say that I have been used to recently. Generally speaking the winter months come with a time of depression for me, an additional layer of gray and dulling fog over my already delicate emotional state. This […]

I May Be Leaving You But…

“I’m coming right back.” I quickly closed the door but I could hear her crying all the way in the kitchen. I had just left the classroom to go and get the afternoon snack like I did every day, but the little two year old was heartbroken that she couldn’t come along. She was being […]

It is Finished, But Not Over

Recently the semicolon has become a power symbol across popular culture. Utilized by survivors of trauma and mental illness as a sign of new beginnings, that the story is not over. What is a semicolon? defines the semicolon as a punctuation mark (;) used to join two independent clauses in a sentence. Basically a […]

The Broken Beautiful

Your Story is user-submitted honest stories from readers who have decided to live a brave life. Send your story to us: There comes a moment in life when one must make a choice to either accept their pain and move forward or to let the pain consume them. I have reached this point on […]

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