“Be radical. Just wake up and DECIDE.”

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Must post this FB post from a beautiful young lady I’m coaching.  We have long and storied relationship and I’m so honored to be in her life.  To see this message on her FB page makes my soul sing.  I just have to pass it on.

“I see a lot of ladies on FB posting indirect messages to their boyfriends (or whatever they are). It’s disappointing that we allow these guys to twist us up to that extent. The right guy will not have you waiting on his call all day, will not miss holidays with you, will not wait hours to call you back, will not make text messages your primary source of communication, and especially will not have you chasing him around (go ahead and deny that’s what you do, but we know the truth)…. Ladies, what will it take for you to value yourself enough? Do you even realize that you don’t value yourself? On the other side of your posts, many of us FBers don’t talk to you daily, but we can see what’s happening. Do you even care that we all know you’re with the wrong guy and you haven’t even accepted that? Ladies, please… Be radical. Just wake up and DECIDE. You don’t need a plan. Literally, cut off all communication with him. Feel the burn. Invest time in your friends and others. It will get better much more quickly that way. I love you. You will need to learn to love yourself before you can have the right man.”

Amen and amen.  May this message be spread.

Be brave.


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