What is Brave Dating

Brave dating is dating to discover who you are. The result of this learning process will then lead you to a good match to give you that love for a lifetime you desire. This takes practice which is why we offer practices for you to do. Because vulnerability is involved, you must approach this process with bravery.

You may take offense because you may think you already know who you are and that means you know what type you want to marry. Finding a good match is not as simple as that—and that hasn’t worked so far, right?

This is our core quote: “Live your life to the full bravely following after Jesus. Now. As you are living bravely, who is keeping up with you? That is the match for you.”

Be brave. Come to our classes. This will be a fun—and vulnerable—process.

If you can’t come to our classes due to location (we are in the Washington DC area), let’s brainstorm what we can do in your area. Email contact form.

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