Bravery in Missionary Kids!

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So this is a post from my MissionaryMommy blog, but it’s one of my most favorites!  My kids teach me every day what it means to be brave and this is one of my favorite stories.  Piper in particular is always willing to try new things and this is just one of her many adventures that I like to call….

Piper vs. the Squatty Potty! piper and noodles

When we left for the Philippines on March 1st, the first leg of our flight was 13 hrs and into Dubai.  No one slept and I mean not even a little… all….the entire 13 hrs!  Let’s just say, it was rough ya’ll!  When we landed in Dubai, this momma was feeling pretty rough.  Daddy was feeling pretty rough too and our kids….well they were raring to go after getting off that airplane.  Piper just kept saying, “This is the Philippines!!!”  I had to explain to her, “No honey…this is Dubai….the next time we land we’ll be in the Philippines.”  Well her little mind could just not wrap around that concept.  I blame that long flight…..the one where no one slept! 🙂 ha!

Anyway, upon landing in Dubai we were slammed with the heat and the realization that we for sure weren’t in Kansas anymore.  While normally my heart would be excited to be overseas again, I guess that year in the states made me American again.  I was overwhelmed!!  I took Piper to the toilet and we waited in a long line.  When it was our turn the lady in the restroom said something to me in very broken English.  I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I did what I always do…..I smiled and said, Thank you. 🙂  She sorta looked at me strange and did the same.  Well walking into the stall I realized quickly what she was trying to say when I saw only a hole in the floor and no toilet.  She was trying to explain to me that it was a stand up, not the sit down.  When Piper saw it, she loudly exclaimed…..”Mommy….why is there a hole in the ground?  Where’s the potty!!!!”  I shushed her and then bent down to her level and whispered….”Honey, this is what they call a squatty potty.  You pee and poop over that hole.  Some places have these instead of potty’s.”  I also stood their briefly thinking, “Hmm….I wonder if I should come back out and see if I can get one of the regular toilets.” but then I realized we would probably have to stand back in that line again.  And this is Dubai……pretty ritzy place so the squatty was actually one of the nicest I have ever seen….with tile and foot placements and even a sprayer!  (Try explaining the sprayer to a 3 year old!)  I’ve seen some pretty interesting toilet situations in my time as a missionary so this one ranked as one of the nicer ones. 🙂

I also thought to myself, “You know, this is a good experience for Piper to see different cultures and ways of doing things.”  She’s an MK….she’s gonna see all types of interesting toilet situations in her little lifetime too.  So I did what most moms would do……I made it fun! 🙂  “Watch Mommy Piper… you think you can do this?”  Well let’s just say she was so excited when it was her turn she planted her little feet on the foot spots and peed away exclaiming, “I’m doing it mommy, I am doing it!!!”

When we made our way back through the crowds and to Kevin, Andrew and Isaac, she shared with daddy how she peed in the hole!  I looked at Kevin and said, “I wanna go home….this is culture shock….I want my mommy!” 🙂 ha!  Of course I didn’t mean it…..well maybe the part about wanting my mommy, but again, after living in the US for a year….it was just a bit too much.

But my little girl taught me something……..she was willing to try anything as long as I made it feel safe for her.  Even in the midst of me freaking out inside about the squatty and what she would do, she never noticed because I made it fun.  I am sure this is the first of many experiences she’ll have as she joins us in these journey’s.  I’m blessed that my kids get to have them……as strange as they may be!

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  1. Upon my arrival in Malaysia I had this same experience. I chose the wrong door at the airport bathroom. Not knowing there were other door options I just continued on thinking “What would Piper do?”

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