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Date with a Team

My team of choice is the Minnesota Vikings. I’ve long thought that I should have married a football player on that team. I’ve been such a huge fan for that long. However, football players are now much younger than me AND much younger than my sons. That dream went away a long time ago. And […]

“Be radical. Just wake up and DECIDE.”

Must post this FB post from a beautiful young lady I’m coaching.  We have long and storied relationship and I’m so honored to be in her life.  To see this message on her FB page makes my soul sing.  I just have to pass it on. “I see a lot of ladies on FB posting […]

“Your full identity can’t be in that person.”

This a bit weird but I’m going to quote a seemingly wisened Justin Bieber. I’ve been on a series here of how too many people contort themselves to find love or to fill that need to be lovable. This “series” may be consistent throughout the content of Brave Dating Coach because it is core to […]

The I in “I Do”

Those dreamy words of “I do” are made up of two words. Duh. I’m sure there is a good blog in there about the word “do” when it comes to marriage. But there also is about the word “I”. To say “I do” you have to know who I is. Duh. Yet too many people […]

Who Was That Person on That Date?

I’m not asking this question to the other person, the person you just met at a coffee date. I’m asking you. Who was that different person? The one contorting your true self so that this date would work? What happened to you? Were you so hoping for a second date that you contorted yourself? Have you […]

Contorting Yourself to Figure Out if You Are Loveable

I received this message from a senior in high school: “I’m being an idiot about this, but I’ve considered telling him.  If it’d turn out that he didn’t feel the same, I’d say someone took my phone.  That’s what I’ve been thinking about.  I’m prolly not going to say anything…I’m so confused right now.” I’m […]


Part of brave dating is you simply have to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable opens you up to the “what if” that God has for you. Living with the “what if” that God has for you is an exciting way to live. Along the way though you may/will meet some crazies. One of my coaching participants joined […]

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