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There is Risk in Online Dating? Really?

Online dating is definitely a part of today’s dating landscape. It is one of the tools we have available to help you “get your numbers up” to meet people. Yes, dating is a numbers game. You need to meet a number of people to find a good match. Don’t let that defeat you while at […]

Say “Yes” to the Spontaneous

I have a favorite memory I love to share often, hoping that in sharing I can also relive some of my happy memories. There was a time I was living with a roommate. One of those type of roommates I haven’t stayed in touch with after I moved out. But we were both open to […]

Making Your Boundaries Also Includes Your Own Family

This is now Blog #4 in a row on the importance of making and keeping your own boundaries. As well as several other blogs on boundaries throughout Brave Dating Coach. This is definitely a brave dating practice. Making and keeping your own boundaries is what will make you attractive and it will help you grow […]

The Contorted Thinking That You Get If You Don’t Set Your Boundaries

Our View of Ourselves “I am bad for having boundaries.” “I am selfish for owning my own life.” “My wants are not important.” “My wants are the only ones that are important.” “I must have everything I want.” “I am responsible for others.” “I must do whatever anyone wants of me.” “Whatever goes wrong is […]

Boundaries Are Attractive—As in They Really Do Attract Others

“The most compassionate people I have interviewed over the past 13 years have also been the most boundaried.” –Dr. Brene’ Brown Another Dr. Brene’ Brown memorable quote—that comes from research. Coming from research is important to me. I just don’t want to give you platitudes to encourage you and challenge you. I challenge you from […]

WTH is Dating Anyway?

Dating is a fairly new concept. It may feel like this has been around forever—maybe because you feel like you’ve been dating uselessly forever—but it really started around the 1900s when that part of history changed most of the entire world—the Industrial Revolution. However, dating wasn’t considered welcomed. Many early daters, particularly the women, were […]

I Hate Dating

Actually I never hated dating. Yes, I did have my heart broken, and smashed twice. But I always loved dating. And I still love dating my husband. But I hear from many people that they hate dating. Is this you? I loved dating because I got to get to know new people. If a guy […]

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