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How Can I Find Contentment?

We have a guest post today from Candra Evans from Abundantly You.  When I first read this blog post of hers months ago it deeply resonated with me.  Mostly because I see similarities in her story and my story.  Mostly because we see dating and singleness in a lot of the same ways.  But then […]

Second Date Ideas (Oh You Creative Person)

This is after the coffee date or after several coffee dates. When you are ready to take this person you are getting to know on a date, don’t make it a dinner and movie date. How hum drum. How stereotypical. Maybe even boring. Let your creativity shine. Why? Women will remember these dates. Women will […]

What Are You Learning About Yourself

The core principle of Brave Dating is dating to discover who you are. My beautiful participant who has allowed her story to be shared these past weeks has learned a lot about herself. A lot. And it has been good. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been without pain. Or disappointment. Vulnerability is involved. Vulnerability is […]

Guys, Don’t Be Like This Guy

I was impressed then unimpressed all in the matter of a few days. One of the women I’m coaching was asked out by someone she sees at work weekly. This is why I was impressed. The guy asked her out and made it clear why he was asking her out. He gave her his phone […]

“Growable” Traits in a Relationship

Guess what. You are not dating (or will not be dating) a perfect person. Like you, the person you are dating is a continual work in progress. So how do you know what is going to turn out to be a yellow light which will annoy the heck out of you from here to eternity […]

Love is Like Green Bananas?

I had a date with a guy once. His name was Mitchell. He was in a band that I hired for a youth event and he was pretty insistent on asking me out. Even the teens knew he was. I said yes. On our first date he took me to a nice dinner in downtown […]

Abundantly You

My Brave Dating Practices really are not just crazy talk. They come from 35 years of youth ministry experience and from my personal 18 years of dating before I got married. Plus there are many others who think like I do! Abundantly You is a blog that is one of those. We think so much […]

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