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Guys, Don’t Be Like This Guy

I was impressed then unimpressed all in the matter of a few days. One of the women I’m coaching was asked out by someone she sees at work weekly. This is why I was impressed. The guy asked her out and made it clear why he was asking her out. He gave her his phone […]

“Growable” Traits in a Relationship

Guess what. You are not dating (or will not be dating) a perfect person. Like you, the person you are dating is a continual work in progress. So how do you know what is going to turn out to be a yellow light which will annoy the heck out of you from here to eternity […]

Love is Like Green Bananas?

I had a date with a guy once. His name was Mitchell. He was in a band that I hired for a youth event and he was pretty insistent on asking me out. Even the teens knew he was. I said yes. On our first date he took me to a nice dinner in downtown […]

Abundantly You

My Brave Dating Practices really are not just crazy talk. They come from 35 years of youth ministry experience and from my personal 18 years of dating before I got married. Plus there are many others who think like I do! Abundantly You is a blog that is one of those. We think so much […]

Women, Learn How to Take a Compliment

I was inspired to write this blog from a book I just finished reading—Backwards Beauty by Jessie Minassian.  The core of what I’m going to write is from her. Just want you all to know this. Since I read this one chapter it has stuck with me in my brain too much for me to […]

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