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The Myth of “The One”

One time when I was around 18 I heard a teaching about making a list of what characteristics you desired in a husband. I was told to keep it in my Bible and to use this list to pray for my husband. Somewhere along the way I lost the list. And that was a good […]

Quiz: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

That title looks copied from so many Tumblr posts. Or Pinterest posts. Or women’s magazines. Or teen quiz sites. I actually copied it from the New YorkTimes.  A respectable source but I’m copying it because I’m intrigued with what the article had to say. I’m not endorsing that these 36 questions will actually lead to […]

Love is Patient

I do a lot of book reading. It’s one of my favorite things to do, especially with summer here. Sitting in a lawn chair and reading a book is a perfect afternoon for me. I have yet to switch to an e-reader. I just can’t do it. I love holding a book in my hand. […]

Filling the Gap with Trust or Suspicion

Over on Be Brave I shared about this little innate thing our brain does when there are gaps between promises and performances in relationships. And gaps between expected behavior and actual behavior. To move us out of that place of discomfort that this gap puts us in, our brain innately fills in that gap with […]

Porn is Not

Porn is not a pastime. It’s a pathway. Research confirms it. It’s an addiction. It’s a romance killer. It’s a competition the woman you say you love will lose every time. Porn makes a promise it can’t keep. –Andy Stanley, The New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating That is a bold and brave declaration […]

You Can Be One of Those Known as “Hard to Get”

Have you noticed how those who play “hard to get” always have attracters? Have you been jealous of someone like that? Maybe that someone is one of your friends? There are two reasons why those who play “hard to get” have attracters. But first let me define what “hard to get” is not. This is […]

Do You Want to be More Than That Nice Guy?

Women really do want to marry nice guys. We want to be treated nicely and respectfully. Players, bullies, jocks, all those stereotypes do not know how to be that. Sadly, I know too many women who choose badly and are drawn to the “bad boy.” Wounded people love bleeding on each other. Nice guy, this […]

Dating in a Small Church

After working in large churches all of my ministry life, my last church made a decision to multiply into smaller churches. Some call this the micro-church movement. I found these were some of our healthier years as a church. I love being involved in a small church. People know each other, really know each other. […]

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