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Brave Dating Practice: Commit Yourself to a Local Church

If taking notes from this blog, write this one down. This is a brave dating practice. You may think that loving Jesus is enough. It’s not. Somehow this weird “Jesus and me” mentality has infected Christianity. For too many church has become listening to podcasts, watching popular preachers, hiking, skiing, or otherwise spend time in […]

Women’s Hearts Must Be Guarded. Really?

I missed this message, which I understand started in the 90s, that it is a man’s responsibility to guard a woman’s heart.  I missed it because I was busy teaching my youth group and every camp and retreat that would have me something of more substance and more truth. Yet I hear lingerings of this […]

Big Ups to Twentysomethings

I love twentysomethings.  Of course I do because all of them used to be teenagers whom I love also.  I created this blog for twentysomethings because I care deeply (which is why I am so opinionated) about the decisions they make during their 20s. This is why I post this Ted talk.  In the opening […]

When Do You Text Back?

There is an app for that. Seriously there is. Disclaimer: I have not dated in this texting world. Though I am an avid texter. I had to become one because I love teenagers and text is their language. I am amazed at the great truths of God’s love I can communicate through text. How did […]

Second Date Ideas (Oh You Creative Person)

This is after the coffee date or after several coffee dates. When you are ready to take this person you are getting to know on a date, don’t make it a dinner and movie date. How hum drum. How stereotypical. Maybe even boring. Let your creativity shine. Why? Women will remember these dates. Women will […]

Placing Yourself in Good Situations

Another brave dating practice.  Place yourself in good situations.  Get involved in ministry in whatever capacity because… I know a wonderful late-in-life single who just got asked to be on the board of our local homeless and under-served non-profit, a very respected and renowned organization.  I’ve known this woman for 20+ years because she used […]

Lies We Tell Ourselves to Stay in a Relationship

I am different than the others. (Yes, you are but how does that mean you get to be mistreated in this relationship?) He’s/She’s thinking about me. (So. You are the reason for his/her bad behavior because he/she is thinking about you?) I am more important to him/her. (There is that comparison and choosing to live […]

Flash Cards for Dating Discernment

If only dating could be simplified down to flash cards to help you figure it all out.  Not possible.  Dating is more wondrous than flash cards. An err I so often see is someone believing that to get a certain someone’s attention we have to contort ourselves. We willingly do it so we can have […]

Brave Dating is Not Crazy Talk

I am a true believer in my Brave Dating Practices. These all come from 35 years of youth ministry (which does not end at high school graduation) and my own adventures in dating that worked very well to find me my very good husband. I love my role as a Brave Dating Coach. Yet sometimes […]

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

This is a good question. How do you want to be remembered? And I’m not talking about your funeral. This is Brave Dating Coach. Since you hopefully will be going on many coffee dates, how do you want to be remembered after one of those coffee dates? How do you want that other person to […]

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