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Body Image and Emotional Scars

When it comes to my appearance, I don’t think of myself like what you see when you look at the picture above. I’m often told that I “just shouldn’t worry about it” or that I don’t have anything to worry about in the first place. But like everyone, I have a pretty long list of insecurities. […]

Happy? Mother’s Day

I have a complicated relationship with holidays. By far the most complicated of which is one to make Freud proud: Mother’s Day. I stay home from church to avoid sermons about mothers and all we owe them and how God sees motherhood. I limit the mother-lauding Facebook statuses that I read. I generally avoid Mother’s […]

Ripped Out Stitches

*Originally Posted to on 8/7/2013* When you are healing, you are delicate. My doctor used to say, “It’s like you come in here every week for open heart surgery, then at the end of your session you have to resume your life.” Everything beats on, despite how hard you were crying last night or […]


(**Originally posted to on 7/21/13**) The work of God in my life can most easily be equated with waves eroding a cliff. Eventually, the rocks will succumb and the cliff will fall violently into the water below. I am really no different. Everyday God is an ever present force which is little by little breaking […]

Do You Want to Be Well?

John chapter five opens with a wonderfully simple example of Christ’s method of cutting to the heart of things. We see a lame man whom has been waiting 38 years to be healed by mystical waters.  But he just can’t get there. He’s tried, in his own strength, but he can’t make it. He tells […]

What Does It Mean to Be Brave?

Over the last 25 years I’ve had a lot of opportunities to be brave. Some I took. Some I didn’t. Each time I knew that I was doing something difficult and that difficult thing required a response. Sometimes I did what seemed impossible. Sometimes I took the easy way out. The word, brave, has rough […]

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