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The Great Adventure……

So today marks a big day in the life of Missionary Momma! I turn the big 40! Really, how in the heck did that happen?  I remember specifically when my parents turned 40 and it sure didn’t feel like that long ago and also, I remember feeling like 40 was OLD. Now though 40 is […]

The Magic of Christmas…..

Last year, I was in such a fog of grief, that I hardly remember Christmas.  Losing someone right before a holiday is really hard.  In a lot of ways, it almost feels like this is our first Christmas without dad, even though it’s the second. My childhood Christmases were wonderful and full of tradition.  My […]

Light of the World

I remember standing at the foot of my dad’s bed in the ER that Monday morning December 5th.  My sister, Valerie, was next to me and my mom had stepped out the room for a moment.  Dad looked at us both with those steel blue eyes and his two pointer fingers flew up and he […]

When my best yes was actually a no. 

A few weeks ago, a friend posed the question for a magazine topic, “What has been your best Yes of 2017?”  I read it and passed it off, but the rest of the day, that question kept coming back into my head. I’m usually the person who says “yes” to everything, even when I don’t […]

Happy Thanks-grieving!

When I flipped the calendar over 15 days ago, my heart hurt. November. In years prior, it’s always brought feelings of gratefulness over my heart as I love thinking about Thanksgiving and then Christmas just around the corner. Even while overseas, we still managed to have some pretty fun Thanksgivings. This year though, November brings […]

Love is deep, and the road is long…

A few months ago I watched a movie with the kids called “Pete’s Dragon”.  I knew the story line from when I was younger as there was an old animated version. My kids fell in love with Pete just as I had as a young girl.  The new movie is a beautiful story of love […]

Hello Dad, it’s me sis……

Today’s been six months since my dad did his fly up to heaven. I don’t know why, but six months on anything seems like it’s important. I feel like the wound of losing my dad isn’t so raw, but yet, some days something will happen or a memory will surface and the wound opens up […]

When you think there might be a herd of elephants in your field but it is really an earthquake you might live in Botswana

Botswana experienced it’s largest earthquake on record last week! It was quite a rumble! Because most people have never experienced this before, it’s been fun to hear people’s thoughts. One of our brethren in Moralane said that he thought it was a herd of elephants who have been tearing up his fields. He ran out […]


I have a confession to make…..sometimes I feel like I am not a good missionary. Kevin and I arrived in Botswana full time in 2004. I’ve been doing this full time for 13 years. It’s a long time. At the same time I feel like even after 13 years, there is still so much to […]

Heaven Knows…

So while I was stateside my mom, sister, niece and myself went and saw the movie “The Shack”. I had read the book a few years ago, and really loved the way it just portrayed God’s love for us. I know this book/movie can be quite controversial among the Christian community, but I tend to […]

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