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He Who Sings, Prays Twice

I love this quote from St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and early (354-430 AD) theologian. It speaks to the power of singing. In five words this quote gives a clear picture of the importance of singing. And I realize not all singing would do this quote justice. But singing songs of scripture, prayers, praise, worship, […]

When Trusting God Isn’t Enough

I love songs like Trust In You and Thy Will Be Done, I really do. I’ve sung both of these songs in worship at my church. I love the thought that when God doesn’t seem to hear our prayers, thoughts and concerns, that He knows better than we do and He is watching out for […]

He Is Risen – New Lyric Video

“He Is Risen” is the second song in the three-song CD, “Even The Earth Wept” that I recorded for Easter/Lent with our church worship team at Spirit & Life Church. For those of you that have heard my music before you might be surprised at the “pop”sound of this one. No disrespect to those that […]

“Beautiful” – New Lyric Video

“Beautiful” is the third song on the three-song CD our worship team at Spirit & Life recorded for the Lent/Easter season. This is a song of praise in the truest meaning of the word. I remember writing this over a period of two nights several years ago at home. It was one of those songs […]

Even The Earth Wept

As you probably already know a good part of last year  I was on sabbatical. After 20-plus years at our church, Brenda and I felt God leading us to something new. And after much church-visiting we found a new home in January at Spirit & Life Church in Montclair, Virginia.  We are both on staff […]

Lyric Video – My Hope Is In You

Someone (many “someones” actually) said a Christian shouldn’t be singing or playing blues. After all, Christians have a “hope and a future” and knowing that should preclude us from singing or playing that genre of music, right? Count me as one that doesn’t follow that logic. Christians have the same emotional ups and downs as […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 9 of 15

If you missed parts 1-8, you can find them here: Question #9 Are we missing connections with teens because the dumb-down versions we play of the songs in their iPods sound nothing like the originals? This is an interesting question for me. I’ve been to worship services where the band played note-for-note versions of […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 8 of 15

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 8 of 15 If you missed parts 1-7, you can find them here: Question #8: Are our worship song lyrics too simple? Can we go deeper in 30 minutes?  As you probably have read in my other blogs, last year I took a long sabbatical from my […]

15 Questions (and maybe some answers), Part 7 of 15

If you missed parts 1-6, you can find them here. Question #7: Why would a church hire an outside worship leader, one that is not part of the church’s culture, and one that is not connected to the people of that church? You may have noticed that most of the questions I have posed here […]

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