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15 Questions

Being a worship leader, musician and worshiper is just a part of who I am as a Christian. And just like my walk with Christ, the deeper I get in my role as worship leader, singer, songwriter and worshiper, the more questions I have about all of it. So here are a few things I […]

I Don’t Know Good Worship From Bad Worship

I am a lifelong musician and I have been involved in leading worship or playing on worship teams for more than 10 years. I’m a singer, songwriter, guitar player, bass player, drummer and I can wing it on roughly 20 other instruments. I can transpose music for any instrument, I can chart an original arrangement […]

Dear Worship Band Leader

My name is Generic Joe and as you know, I am a member of this congregation. I wanted to tell you that I am a really good plumber and I have friends in this congregation that are great teachers, accountants, government works and auto repairmen. I also wanted to remind you that none of us […]

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