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My name is Generic Joe and as you know, I am a member of this congregation. I wanted to tell you that I am a really good plumber and I have friends in this congregation that are great teachers, accountants, government works and auto repairmen. I also wanted to remind you that none of us are seasoned, professional singers like you are. I was hoping this note might serve as a reminder that as the leader of the worship ministry of this church, by definition that means you should keep in mind that leading, not singing, is your most important job on Sunday mornings.

So when you sing the melody I can usually follow ok. I have heard most of the songs enough to grasp the basic melody, although even that’s tough sometimes. But when you decide to sing harmony or some other vocal line (I don’t know the correct terms, I’m just a plumber) it causes me to stop singing mid song–and that takes me completely out of worship. So my novice suggestion is to stay on the melody as much as possible and if you have to sing something else, please make sure someone is singing the melody.

In closing I want to thank you for all that you do. I know God is blessed by your preparation, dedication and the way that you have chosen to use the talents that He has given you. And I know that sometimes you just don’t feel like you are maximizing those talents when you keep it simple for the plumbers and attorneys of this congregation. I am sure there’s a way to challenge yourself musically while still keeping the melody simple enough for us to sing and be led into His presence.

Thanks for listening,

Generic Joe


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