Do You Want to Be Well?

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John chapter five opens with a wonderfully simple example of Christ’s method of cutting to the heart of things.

We see a lame man whom has been waiting 38 years to be healed by mystical waters.  But he just can’t get there. He’s tried, in his own strength, but he can’t make it. He tells Jesus that someone always makes it down to the waters before him.

Jesus asks a very direct question that is paramount when it comes to our own healing:

“Do you want to be well?”

The Amplified Bible catches the heart of the question this way,

“Are you really in earnest about getting well?”
(*emphasis added*)

Are you? Do you want to be well? Do you really want to heal? Have you counted the cost? You may lose friends and family to healthy boundaries. You will have to give up destructive pleasures.

You will have to give up the familiar comfort of your pain.

Do you want that? Are you standing in the way of your own healing because you will only risk a little instead of everything?

God asked me to leave my home, my friends, and my family in order to heal. It hurts a lot. I grieve the loss. But I am healing.

I am not saying God will ask you to lose as much as He has asked me to lose.

But are you willing to?

Do you want to be well?






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