Doodles of Praise Part 1

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Doodles of Praise will be a weekly post about my Bible Journaling.  While it’s not necessarily brave living, I know many readers might be looking for a bit something outside of the box.  I hope this challenges you to find your own creative outlet! 


I’ve always loved to draw. I don’t claim to be very good at it, but it’s the one thing that I’ve never been afraid of doing. As a young girl I remember the best gifts were new coloring books and a fresh box of crayons. My favorite art teacher, Mrs. Wolff used to say, “Just draw what you feel! It doesn’t need to be perfect!” She had the best way of turning an “oops” into the most beautiful piece of work. She made art come alive and always encouraged us to try. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been afraid to try. She gave me the confidence and safe place to mess up.

As with any season of life, you move into different things. I moved into becoming a wife, moved overseas to do missions work and then started a family. Those creative things I loved to do were packed away for a season in effort to make room in my mind for being a mommy. Just recently, I read a book that changed my perspective a bit. Jessica Turner’s “Fringe Hours”, talks a lot about making use out of those extra moments, or making time in your day for things that fuel your creativity. After all, when we do things that make us happy, we’re generally more pleasant to be around. (I know my husband would agree!) So I started looking at my days a bit different and discovering I did have a few pockets of time where I could do some things for me. Some days, I rock this concept great….most days I still struggle to find out where my time went! (Curse you Facebook! )

I knew an area I wanted to focus on were my times with the Lord. I had been seeing a few pictures of people drawing in their bibles or drawing inspirational quotes or bible verses. This caught my interest and I thought, “I can do that! It looks really fun!” So one day while my kids were playing I grabbed a notebook and whatever pens and colors I had stashed away and just started drawing and hand lettering whatever came to my mind. Most were song phrases or Bible verses. I experimented with my handwriting again. I hadn’t wrote in actual cursive in years! I just played! My kids also grabbed their notebooks and crayons and started copying what I was doing and often we would sit around the table for over an hour drawing and coloring. It was a moment where I could do what I wanted, but also they could do it with me and learn these scriptures as well.


Piper Grace, my 6 year old daughter, doing her own doodles.


The most amazing thing started happening though, I began to really get the Word into my heart. As I colored or painted I really felt like the Lord was ministering to my heart in a fresh way! I was able to get a hold of a journaling bible while I was stateside in spring and have began to draw and paint in that as well. Most of the time, a page turns out nothing like I see it in my mind, but I am learning as I go and trying new things. My kids now too like to take their bibles and color in them and I find myself using the same words Mrs. Wolff used to use….”Just draw what you feel! It doesn’t need to be perfect!” I started posting my pages on my Instagram account as my “doodles of praise”, because to me, that’s really what it is….just another act of worship to Him. I love getting into the Word now and seeing what the Lord is showing me. I used to always prefer a guide or devotional, now I find I don’t need one as much as I usually just pick a verse and think on it. It’s amazing how the Lord will move and guide you when you just remain open.

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