Finishing Strong!

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I read a quote by Christine Caine (Love her!) recently that said this…

How we finish one thing directly impacts the way we enter into a new thing. 

I’ve been pondering this quote the past few days and the thought of it really excites me.

You see I started Whole30 on October 1st.  For as long as I can remember I’ve battled with my weight. I’ve tried every type of eating plan or diet you can think of.  Some I’ve had great success, others I didn’t even make it a few days before I said, “Screw it….give me ALL. THE. SUGAR!”

Just a few years ago I really started looking internally though and realizing that my weight issues were really more about mind issues than anything.  I’ve done hard things in my life.  I should be able to take a good 50 lbs off my frame with a lot of hard work right?

Eish….but I struggle.

So I knew when I was dragging myself out of bed tired and grumpy and my pants were only getting tighter and tighter, that I had to do something…..and pretty drastic.  Sometimes with me, it’s Go Big or Go Home.  A friend of my suggested Whole30 and after some research I decided it give it a try.

Within 7 days I noticed a difference.  By day 11 I noticed my waistline again!  I am sleeping better, my pants fit better and I am learning a new way of cooking and preparing things.  I’ve always loved to cook, but I am finding that there is a bit of a new therapy in chopping and preparing fresh foods!  Most importantly my “sugar dragon” seems to have gone to sleep!  Hallelujah!!!

The parameters of the plan are pretty specific, but the main one that drew me in was “No treats or re-creating compliant treats for 30 days.”  See on any other plan I can pop a pan of gluten free brownies in the oven and say, “Well they are gluten free!”  I have a slight love affair with baked goods so the thought of going 30 days without left me a bit scared, but deep down I knew I needed this lesson.

I’ve learned that most of my food cravings are simply because I am board or I want something quick. The past 11 days I have had to be very strategic on my meals and plan everything.  I’ve learned alot about my food habits.

I don’t think on any other plan have I made it this long without “cheating” in some fashion.  I haven’t on this one.  I simply told myself it wasn’t an option and that THIS time I would see this thing thru to the 30 days.  I feel so good I don’t want to ruin it.

But more importantly…..I am hoping that the ending of this 30 days is really the start into something bigger and better for me.  The start of finally walking in this new found freedom of health and wellness.  The start of finally finishing strong on something and reaching a huge goal!

Stay Tuned.

PS….by the time this post launches it will have been 19 days on the plan!!  I hope to be feeling even stronger!

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