He Is Risen – New Lyric Video

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“He Is Risen” is the second song in the three-song CD, “Even The Earth Wept” that I recorded for Easter/Lent with our church worship team at Spirit & Life Church. For those of you that have heard my music before you might be surprised at the “pop”sound of this one. No disrespect to those that love, write, record and listen to pop worship, it’s just not my thing. But after the heaviness of “Even The Earth Wept” I felt that a much lighter song, one that celebrates the Risen Christ, would not only tell the story but make the CD flow. And this story, the death and Resurrection of Jesus is a journey–one that ends in the celebration of all celebrations. It’s colorful, joyful and it’s awe-inspiring and life-giving. He Is Risen!

He Is Risen, He’s Alive, Praise His Name, Glorify!

So here’s the lyric video for the song. I hope you enjoy!

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