I Void Warranties

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We gave this button to our stepgrandson for Christmas because he is one of those who voids warranties on his electronics. There is not an electronic that intimidates him. We included this note with it:

The button is more than funny. We do believe you do know how to void warranties and we support that. We support that you choose the brave way and find a workaround to fix something. We support that you desire to find the Plan B when Plan A didn’t work. It is in this function of struggle to find Plan B that growth happens. Hope happens. May you always believe in your value to find your Plan B.

May you also wrestle through the holy tension that is going on in your life and find that Plan B that God is directing you to.

I know…your Plan A was something that you were really hoping for. And Plan A sure did seem like a gift from God. But it is broken now. You can get all mad at God or you can make a Plan B. You have permission to void the warranty and wrestle through to what Plan B is.

The most hope-filled people you will ever meet are the ones who can find this Plan B. They know and live these truths about hope: Hope is a combination of setting goals; having the tenacity and perseverance to pursue them; believing that worthiness is your birthright.

When Plan A crashed, these hope-filled people didn’t wallow in disappointment. Maybe for a day. But they know that worthiness is their birthright still (one of the reasons why you are drawn to them). They know that something didn’t go the way they expected but they have this tenacity inside of them to set new expectations. New course-corrected expectations. All the while missing Plan A because whatever happened to that is simply painful. And probably sucks. And very likely something destructive happened. Something God could have intervened on but chose not to because evil happens. Evil happens.

We have a church family member who is wheel-chair bound for the rest of his life from a random car accident. Three years after the accident he finally shared his full story with the church family on a Sunday morning. It was real. It was gripping. He was painfully honest which is why it was so gripping. Then he stated that evil is real and evil happens and shared how he now has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Dropped that bomb right on us. Yes, evil happens. Meanwhile Todd keeps on. There is not a braver man we respect more in our church. You would too, right?

So evil happens and I will choose the tenacity it takes to hope in Plan B. This is where my muscles are formed. And I’m not stupid for doing this. This is where bravery defines me.

There is a lot of vulnerability required for this. Voiding warranties puts that vulnerability square on you.

Because that day does come when the big good comes out of this terrible pain. And because I was vulnerably in it through it all, it is a celebration of hope that I can have. I can feel all of that joy. Me. I was vulnerably “in it” and now I get to see God’s hand up close and personal and live knowing that God is personal to me.

People, you have permission to void the warranty! You can wrestle through the crash of Plan A and create a better Plan B because God is bigger than your “supposed to” box and wants good to overcome evil. And through this process do not be surprised how very very very proud of yourself you will be.

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