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Well hello there!  Yes, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me.  December I literally took a break from everything.  I stopped all outside ministry and focused on just being present for my family.  I quieted my heart and reflected on the advent season and I rested.  I felt like my heart needed that time to just “be still”.

We swam.  We baked A LOT! We watched more Christmas Hallmark movies than I could count on both my fingers, my toes, and my kids’ fingers and toes!  (Not even exaggerating on the amount folks! Andrew is a Hallmark movie Sleuth….he can pick out actors from each one and tell you which other sappy Hallmark movie they have been in!) We spent almost 2 weeks sleeping in our living room all together as it’s the only room that has air conditioning and it was HOT over the holidays.  We spent time with friends, deepened friendships, and made new ones.  We saw many movies in the theater (Star Wars!).  We played, colored, drew pictures and ate entirely too much.  We rested and we enjoyed every second of it.  No other holiday thus far have I enjoyed with my kids and honestly, when January 1st rolled around I wasn’t ready for it to end.  I wanted to linger in those holiday’s.  I wanted one more Hallmark movie.  I wanted one more big sleep over.  I wasn’t ready to move forward into this New Year.  I felt a bit stuck in 2015, not wanting my “be still” to be over.

And here we are, 19 days into this New Year and I just sent my older two off to school for the start of this new school year.  I sit here and think, “Okay Sarah…..you’ve extended your holiday 19 days into January and now it’s time to dig in.”  I have so many “things” I want and need to do, yet there is a part of me that is still lingering.  What 2016 has in store for Sarah Witt I honestly have no idea.  I haven’t found it yet.  Maybe that’s why it’s hard to move forward into an unknown area.  Where do I start? What is it the Lord has for me?  2015 was known, but it’s behind me and I can’t linger there any longer as much as I could easily watch just one more Hallmark movie. (I think my family would kill me….they really humored me with all that Christmas sappiness!)

So maybe you’re like me and haven’t felt this New Year.  Maybe you know exactly what it has in store for you and lingering in the past seems a heck of a lot easier than moving forward to something that is no fun.  Or maybe you’re like me and it’s all unknown and a bit scary.  As I sat in church the other day pondering all of this (while I probably should have been listening to the service…oops!) I felt the Lord just say to me, “Just Start Sarah.”

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It doesn’t have to be known, planned out, or see the end in mind.  Just start.

Okay….now I have a big long list of “starting” items!  Here we go 2016!




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