Life Is Your Ministry

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I get asked the question a lot of, “What do you do?” A few years ago that question would have been answered pretty strait forward, but these days, well it’s harder for me to answer.

Just today I was taking our friend to the clinic for a quick check up and on the way she said, “Ms Sarah, what do you do with your days?” It sorta threw me for a loop and I giggled and said….”Well, no two days usually look the same and at the end of the day maybe it doesn’t look like much, but I keep pretty busy.”

I then shared with her that my season as a mom to little ones meant that most of my days were simply being a mom. Since she herself just became a mom I got the sense that she understood this in a new way because she’s now living it too. When you’re in the trenches of feeding and diapering, you often wonder if life will ever be normal again. Like, “Will I ever wear a shirt that doesn’t have some type of bodily fluid on it?” If you’re a new momma and reading this, the answer is YES! It goes by faster than you think. Soon you’ll be in this season that I am in……one of weird transition where your kids still need you, but not quite as much. Honestly…’s a weird season too.

Before I was a momma, I was a wife and a missionary. I went out and did things with my husband and generally we ministered together. Once we had babies, I stepped back a bit and taking care of them began to occupy my days. There were many days where I wondered if I would ever be a missionary again like I was before. There were many days where I wanted so badly to be back at it and not in the trenches of diapers and bottles. There were many days where I simply bit my husband head off because he got to be out there and I was stuck at home. (Yes, those are not my finer moments, but I never said I wouldn’t be honest and real……motherhood is hard! Yo!)

So often the Lord reminded me (and still does because I still have those moments) “Life is your ministry.” There are opportunities all around you. My three kids are probably some of the best ministry opportunities that I will ever have. My friend Lindsay likes to remind me, “We’re making disciples!” Yes! Oh my heart for my kids is that they love the Lord with all their hearts. I believe if they have this fierce love for the Father, that it will always point them in the right direction. I get to try to model that for them. I get to try to set that example.

Life is our ministry. You don’t have to live in a developing nation to find people who are in need. There are needs all around us. Most of the time, it’s just a person needing to know that they aren’t alone, that they matter and that they can do it. Other times it might be meeting some physical needs in terms of food and financial assistance. Sometimes it’s taking a tired mom and telling her, “Go rest, I’ll take your kids for the afternoon!” (Hello…..this is a gift!!)

So maybe you’re reading this and you’re like me…..trying to find your “spot”. Be reminded that life is your ministry. Look around and allow the Lord to show you because most of the time, it’s the very thing that is right in front of you.

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