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So a few weeks ago I shared that the Lord was moving me into an area that was totally out of my comfort zone, but that I was learning to “trust the Shepard” in the process.

This story of mine is probably the bravest step I’ve ever taken in my 40 years of life…..or maybe it’s just because the other brave steps I have taken now don’t seem like they were that hard. Maybe in 5 or so years I’ll feel the same about this one, but for now….it seems very BIG!

At the end of last year I was introduced to a ministry called Revelation Wellness.

“Revelation Wellness® is a non-profit ministry dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives in Christ so we can love others well. Revelation Wellness believes that as the body of Christ gets healthy and whole by the power of the love of God, they will be fit for their purpose—to proclaim and show the love of God down the roads less traveled.”

While I wasn’t in a place last year to really dive deep into it, it did spark my interest and so the beginning of this year, I found myself going back and looking more into it. I started going through the book Wellness Revelation” by Alisa Keeton and the book wrecked me in the best possible way. While I knew what I needed to do to get back on track with health and wellness, it was the gentle push I needed to get my mindset focused and more importantly, SET FREE from so much guilt and shame I had been carrying for far too long!

As I began to move my body differently as an act of worship to the Lord and focus on His Word while I worked out, I began to feel a shift in my thinking. It wasn’t about getting a “bikini body” or “six pack abs.” Ha…..let’s be honest….those have NEVER been goals of mine!. It became more about stewarding the body that the Lord has given me so that I can carry out His calling for my life. I was able to move and taking for granted that I “get to” be able to move my body freely without any limitations at this point in my life. I realized I hadn’t been so good to myself and decided that from here on out I wanted to change that. I also for the first time in years found JOY in working out and feeling free! People around me could tell something was different about me and honestly the movement combined with God….well it just did something to my whole demeanor!

Anyway….Rev has a program where they train instructors to carry their message through Fitness Instruction. Their hashtag is #FitnessTeacherGospelPreacher. There was just something about it that kept coming back into my mind…..and then I would quickly shake off the thought, “You’re not a fitness teacher Sarah! People are going to laugh you right off the platform!”

I couldn’t get it out of my mind though and kept thinking about how cool it would be to bring a program like this to Botswana. For the first time in years I began to dream again and my heart got excited. After many weeks, I decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment with an enrollment advisor to talk about the possibility of their Ambassador Program. As an Ambassador, they would sponsor me to go through the training program and I would represent Rev here in Botswana. After a few moments talking with Jamie, I just sensed that the Lord was moving and sure enough she agreed that Rev and Botswana did have common ground with what we were currently doing in Botswana. She sent me an application!

Still….I was no fitness teacher! Seriously….I can follow, but leading a work out program! Oh mercy!

At the risk of writing novel, I will say to you that the Lord began to present opportunities for me to see where this whole thing could go. I began attending a Fitness Class at Urban Rhythm and actually enjoyed group fitness for the first time ever. I began to talk to people who got excited with me and said they would gladly help me make classes possible throughout the town of Lobatse!

I waited roughly 3 months to see if I was chosen as an Ambassador and found out last month that I will indeed be going through their 9-week instructor training program. I am humbled to represent Revelation Wellness and also I am so excited to see what the Lord will all do with this program when I return from the US in January.

Over the next few weeks, I will share some things that the Lord is doing in my heart as I step into this role of #FitnessTeacherGospelPreacher as really, it’s truly a step of bravery on my part. It’s totally out of my comfort zone, yet the Lord is showing me more and more, it’s exactly where He wants me. I’ve had many moments of doubt and thinking, “What the heck are you doing Sarah?” but the Lord is faithful to replace those lies with His Truth.

Love is truly greater than fear. I am tired of stepping back in fear and shame. I am ready to step forward in love and freedom and in turn….I know the Lord will use me!

So stay tuned……you can watch Missionary Momma become “Fitness Teacher, Gospel Preacher!”🤣🤣

Interested in finding out more about Revelation Wellness? Follow the link and check it out!

My victory face after my first burpee since high school.

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