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** I wrote this post on fall two years ago while living in the Philippines.  Fall has always been the hardest time for me living overseas so I thought it would only be appropriate to share this part of my life.  It all still rings true!


So if you know me well at all, you know that I have a slight obsession for the season of “Fall”.  It’s not even the start of the season, and people are already filling my Facebook wall up with posts of Fall and Pumpkin recipes.  Like my grandma could feel it in her bones when a rain storm was comin…..I can begin to feel it in my heart when the Fall season is nearing and it’s nearing!

While to many it may seem like a silly thing or just the fact that I love all things pumpkin flavored…..it’s really so much more than that.  For me the Fall season brings with it treasured memories and moments filled with family and love.

Growing up there was a very large tree in our front yard that served as really the main focal point in our property. Each year that tree seemed to get bigger and bigger.  In the spring, it bloomed big, in the summer in brought every bird and cicada, and in the fall…..oh the fall, that big tree turned the most amazing shades of orange and yellow.  It was beautiful.

fall three

Now I am sure my dad probably cursed the fall with all those leaves that he had to rake up each season!  Remember those pumpkin face sacks that you could fill up with leaves….well we could have probably filled up two!  I remember several occasions where dad would rake big piles and we (mostly me!) would jump in and have a ball. Dad would smile, shake his head and rake em right back up again for the next round.  Meanwhile my grandma and mom would say, “Sarah Yvonne…you’re gonna get itchy with all those leaves!”  I didn’t care…..I love that smell of those crunchy leaves mixed with the dampness of the cool nights that were coming.

Fall also meant picking out Halloween Costumes and pulling out the warmer clothes.  While many shame the “Halloween Holiday” these days, I have great memories of my mom decorating our house with pumpkins and filling 200+ goody bags for all the trick or treater’s we would get.  It was always cold, but we never missed going out in our neighborhood and filling our bags with treats, while my mom stayed back and filled up bags for other kids.  Those were such good memories. It was never dark or scary, but always a fun time of dressing up and having fun with our neighbors.  I believe my folks modeled a very positive side of Halloween….one that I have to be creative with overseas, but want to do for my kids too.

Fall season also brought in one my favorite holidays….Thanksgiving. Maybe as a child it was more about the food, but as I grew older and left home it became more about the gathering as a family. My extended family gathered for a day of eating, napping, playing games, and watching the Macy’s parade.  While over the years the gathering has changed, I still look back with such a full heart on what that day was and that I was a part of something so special, and a rarity in our society today.  Being a missionary overseas, I’ve had to get real creative when it comes to Thanksgiving dinners.  Cooking turkey’s that often look like small chickens, and paying crazy amounts of money on those oniony things that go on greenbean casserole.  But I’ve always been determined to try to make those same soul giving memories for my children….no matter where in the world we are.


Living in Virginia for a few years also spoiled me for all things fall as the mountains were always filled with beautiful colors of trees and Kev’s folks wood stove crankin to keep us warm.  While I swore I filled up my “fall cup” last year while we were home in the US….I find that I still wish I could go back just for a week to enjoy the season. I sometimes wonder why the Lord always seems to call us to hot places….I mean, I love wearing sweaters! 🙂 ha!

So for me….the fall season brings the warmth of those memories…..fullness of family and love.  Maybe that will explain the fall obsession.  I am grateful that I have those memories to carry me through those times when I am missing family and friends and holiday seasons that come and go.

Oh and let’s not forget one of my favorites…..


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