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My husband and I are embarking on a new and exciting journey- Buying our first house! Currently, we live in a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom detached apartment. Everyone in our town and our church calls our place the “The Little House” and that description is 100% accurate.

A brief history of The Little House: I believe the original “Main House” and  “Little House” were built somewhere close to 200 years ago. I assume this because of the layout of the main house and the foundation of both houses. The little house was originally built as a chicken coop and eventually was turned into a house. Pretty cool, huh? This little house is made up of one bedroom, one bathroom (that didn’t work), one closet, a kitchen/dinning room, and a living room: a total of about 400 square feet!.. And that’s being generous.

When I was single and my only roommate was my dog, this house was perfect! It had everything I needed- except a working bathroom. But using the renting family’s upstairs bathroom and the laundry room in the main house lead to a pretty amazing relationship with them. Anyway- It was all I needed. But now that Bubba (my dog) and I have a new member of the family, this house isn’t quite so perfect anymore, despite my now working bathroom. My husband and I are best friends. He is my favorite companion and I LOVE spending close and personal time with him. But sometimes I need space and time for myself- this house does not allow for any personal space what-so-ever. I’m also a tad claustrophobic and a bit of a neat freak, so this tiny house and our now many things fitting inside this house causes me some anxiety.  And though it’s not in our immediate plans, we do eventually want to expand our family with children and animals. So a bigger home is absolutely necessary. My biggest worry though is that we’ll get this house and find that its more than we can handle financially. What if we’re not ready to buy a house? It never feels like the right time to make a major life change whether it’s getting married, buying a house, or having children. Our goal as husband and wife was to start trying to have children after a year of being married so we felt that gave us a lot of time to save up and start looking at houses- but then we received some news that put our plan into high gear.

About a month ago, my husband and I sat down with his mom and she informed us that our 9 year-old nephew Josiah (his sister’s son) has been a victim of neglect for quite some time (which was no surprise to us) and is now a victim of abuse due to his mother’s new roommates. I’m sorry, what?Josiah was born with some complications which required him to have a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. In case you don’t know, a tracheotomy is a surgical procedure which consists of making an incision on the throat and opening a direct airway through an incision in the trachea or windpipe. He then had to wear his trach (a plastic tube) in his throat for several years along with his feeding tube. He no longer needs either of those things, praise Jesus! This past spring, Josiah was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism- so he comes with some medical baggage. Overall though, Josiah is an amazing kid with an amazing heart. After hearing about what had been going on I immediately said, “Well we’ll take him!”…. What? Did I say that out loud or was I just thinking that? “That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Zane’s mom replied- I did say it out loud.

When I picture Zane and I in our new home, I imagine all the things we would do. I could name a hundred different things- none of which include even a baby, let alone a 9 year-old. Taking custody of our 9 year-old, autistic nephew was not what I had in mind for our future. But there’s no doubt that if Josiah is in danger, we will do what we can to protect him. If that means becoming his legal guardians, so be it.

We all have our lives planned out- we live by a calendar. But rarely does that ever really work, am I right? Our calendar is not God’s calendar I’ve come to learn, and the sooner you learn and accept that, the less you’ll think “That’s not what I had in mind…” Will Zane and I get a house? I don’t know. Will Zane and I get custody of Josiah? I don’t know that either. All I know is that God is constant in his faithfulness and everything works out for the good of those who love Him.

Please pray with us as we take this journey into house-hunting and guardianship. Pray that we keep our focus and be obedient to His will and fulfilling it in whatever way He deems fit.

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