Technology Helping the Matchmakers That We Can’t Help to Be–Because We Believe in YOU

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Let me repeat myself yet again and again and again. You need to date with a team. These are the chosen people who “get” you and also want the best for you. Let them help you in all their ways to find this great match for you.

I’m sure I will repeat this again as it is that important. I’m pretty sure about every other Brave Dating Coach blog mentions the importance of having a team involved in your life.

Another brave dating practice I encourage—though is entirely optional—is putting yourself on an online dating site. This is solely to get your numbers up to meet new people. This may not be for everyone but it is a resource.

I found another stat read that I love so much and it combines your team’s involvement in your life and online dating. No wonder I loved it.

From a survey from the actual app developer (so yes, this one may be skewed a bit), 90 percent of Millennials said they would enjoy playing matchmaker for their friends. (Go team!) Almost 70 percent said they thought the matches they would make for their friends would be better than if their friends continued to pick their own dates. (Go team!) 35% of dating Millennials said they would be open to introductions made by a good friend of family member. Hint: it is okay to ask for set ups.

So a new mobile dating app has been created. It’s called Wingman. Get it. According to Wingman this is what their app is. “Wingman is not a dating app, but rather a growing community of matchmakers who want to do something good for a single friend. Singles cannot write their own profiles or contact potential matches. Only a Wingman can create a profile for their single friend, then choose who they want their friend to meet, thus establishing a new, collaborative approach to making online connections.”

I am not a paid advertiser for Wingman and they sure do love themselves by putting out their own skewed survey as part of their announcement. However, I love the idea. Technology has given us, those who love our single friends so much, a way to matchmake. We can be the ones to view profiles and get rid of the bad ones (who we can spot in a minute!) and maybe encourage a good one. As a team member, we know we can be good at this…for you. So who knows? Technology to the help yet again.


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