The Blah’s of Doodles of Praise……

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Sorry, this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, but the face is quite accurate some days.  Just blah. (And since this site is all about being Brave…..I say posting unflattering pictures constitutes as big bravery! Ha!)

I’ll confess….I haven’t done any drawing, doodling, or anything of the sort in my bible or a plain piece of paper in a good 3 weeks. Part of it has been a crazy schedule and part of it has been just lack of creativity.  I see so many amazing journaling pictures that inspire and yet, my creative juices tend to run dry.

The other day I sat down to draw a bit, hoping that something would come out and I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Nothing……but the word….


So I wrote it and tried to doodle around it and then I ripped it out of my notebook cause I didn’t like the way it looked. (Hence, no picture.)  And because I am just a bit OCD, I couldn’t have an ugly picture in my clean notebook.

But the word made me smile.  God’s been doing some major work in my life over the last few years regarding Joy (and Grace for that matter).  Choosing it and living it in every moment and every circumstance.  It’s hard folks! (But those are posts for another day.)

Needless to say, it changed my attitude.  I still haven’t drawn, but that’s okay.  I realize that there may be times like these where inspiration doesn’t always hit and other times I stay up till wee hours in the morning to draw.  The important thing is to remember the praise in the process.  I am not doing it for me (well maybe a bit…it’s a good therapy for me), but I am doing it as a form of worship.

So if you find yourself like me, in a bit of a dry spell…..keep trying and keep seeking joy in the journey.  I am sure I’ll be doodling again soon!

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