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How is it that I haven’t posted a blog since my birthday five months ago!? I am telling you, this year is flying by. My lack of silence is not meaning that there is nothing going on…..On the contrary, there is a lot going on in my heart and I am just waiting for the right moment to let all it’s bravery spill right out and on to this blog.

So stay tuned! If you’ve missed Missionary Momma, she’s coming back.

But I wanted to share this in hopes it would help someone……

I had a moment of panic the other day. Those moments where worry grips you and you almost feel like you have to throw up.

When that happens I used to just almost make myself sick with worry and “what if”, but over the years I’ve learned that when that panic comes, I can feel it, but then take it right to the One who can bring that peace.

So when I felt it the other day I was just like, “Okay Lord, I Trust You.” and then I dove into making dinner so that I wouldn’t think about it.  Yet it was still there, this feeling of unsettledness.  The next morning I woke up and I knew I needed to spend a little more time with Him to settle my heart more.  I woke to a message from a friend with this video….

As I watched the tears just began to well in my eyes.  It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

“The Shepard will get you what you need for right now. Just enough….trust the Shepard.”

My Grandmother always loved Psalm 23 so even as a little girl I learned these famous words……”The Lord is my Shepard….”

I have known it for a LONG time and yet, it’s amazing that the Lord still uses it so often to speak to my heart in a new way.  (I love how scripture has all these amazing layers!)

I just felt the Lord say to me, “Trust the Shepard, Sarah.”

When you’re heart is heavy with worry and what if…..Trust the Shepard.

When grief and loss seem to be all around…..Trust the Shepard.

When life seems to keep throwing you lemons….Trust the Shepard. (And make a darn good glass of lemonade and relax a bit!)

It’s a brave thing to take our hands off the wheel and Trust the Lord.  I am learning that it almost never looks how I want it to, but when I get to see the big picture down the road, Trusting Him is always better.

We can do hard and holy things……

Trust the Shepard.  He always gives just enough for each day.

 “Worry is dealing with tomorrow’s problems on today’s pasture.“


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