“Uh Dear, there’s a scorpion in the boys room!”

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I live in Africa where there are some of the worst snakes in the world.  There are also numerous bugs, spiders, and scorpions that are dangerous.  Some of those bugs even will “spit” acid at their offenders.  I mean, I suppose if you’re going to have a defense system….spitting acid is a pretty good “super power” to have right?

Anyway…..I’ve never liked bugs, but I’ve also never been one to freak out and make someone else do the job of taking care of them.  Many a bug has met it’s match with the bottom of my shoe…..several times for good measure.

Once my husband was on an outreach and it was just me and the kids at home.  My daughter Piper and her friend were brushing their teeth before bed and I just happened to look in the corner by the sink and saw something strange.  Upon a closer look I discovered it was indeed a Baboon Spider.  For those of you reading this in America…..that’s basically a tarantula. (I’ll let you Google an image…I went to put one in this post and they were too scary to even post!) It was easily the size of the palm of my hand.  I shooed the girls out of the bathroom and grabbed my broom and turned it to the handle.  At that moment I had to really self talk myself because hello….a baboon spider has some bulk to it.  It’s like the squash factor is easily a 10!  I then aimed my broom handle and jabbed that bad boy all the while whispering, “Oh my heck!!!!”  The job was done….dead.  I then called Kevin saying, “You’ll never believe what I just did!!!!”

[Tweet “Brave living folks……I killed a tarantula!”] Brave living folks……I killed a tarantula! I’m actually not too proud of it because had it been in a place where I could have scooted it back outside, I would have.  I’m all about living in peace with critters…..you just go back out and find your home, not mine!

Anyway, having small kids who love to play outside, I often think about those critters.  Just this morning my husband yelled from the hallway, “Uh dear, there’s a big black scorpion in the boy’s room!”  Then I heard several smacks and knew the scorpion had met it’s maker.  When those things are in my house and near my kids, it sorta makes me throw up in my mouth a little.  I want to protect my kids from those awful things.  I don’t like the idea of knowing those things are so close to where my kids play, but yet they are.


In the almost 9 years that I have become a mother and have raised kids in Africa I’ve learned that I have to trust the Lord for their safety and protection.  A dear friend once told me that the Lord shared with her, ‘For every snake (or scorpion) you see, there are so many more that you don’t see.  Trust Me.”  I’ve taken those words to heart and the Lord has really shown me that He does keep us safe.

After killing the scorpion, I told Kevin that really every single bad bug or snake we’ve seen, we’ve seen it before it was ever a problem.  It’s like in that moment, the Lord says, “Open your eyes!”

I’ve learned to really lean in on Psalm 91 over the years and it’s become one that my children even are learning.  As a missionary momma, I am learning to trust the Lord for the safety of my children.

As we journey together, I’ll be sharing more of my heart on this as it’s truly brave living!!!

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