Wedding Pictures!!!!!!

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Note from Brenda:  Just had to share the happy day. Emily and Zane will figure out I did this in about a week.  Enjoy!

Dear brave single person. Emily has bravely shared her story here. I was there with her when her parents marriage broke up. I was there with her when she became the “dumped girl” after this long-term relationship. I’ve been there with her when she rediscovered her life and calling (which is why I’ve asked her to write about it). We laughed together when she’d share which blog posts on Brave Dating Coach were helpful in the early stages of this new relationship. I’ve known Zane too, separately. On the actual night when Emily discovered she loved Zane which she shared here, I was who she was coming to see. Or was I the excuse to come see Zane?!

This is what I know. This is a good match. I’m so honored to see up close this love for a lifetime grow. And the wedding was a celebration of that. Both of them were surrounded by each of their teams who helped put together this celebration. This was not a wedding of a bride and groom being celebrated grandly. This was a wedding where family and their church family put together a celebration of something which we’ve all had a part in. This is hope fulfilled when pain was the beginning.

So dear single brave person, may you also experience such love, such celebration, such community, such assuredness. Because this is possible. This is also possible for you.

I believe in this. I also believe there are good men out there like Zane. Make the brave decisions so you can also get this.




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