When Do You Text Back?

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There is an app for that. Seriously there is.

Disclaimer: I have not dated in this texting world. Though I am an avid texter. I had to become one because I love teenagers and text is their language. I am amazed at the great truths of God’s love I can communicate through text. How did I do it before text?

Though I haven’t dated with text I think I can understand the added complications texts add to a relationship. There are certainly benefits too. One of those added complications is when to text back. Because you don’t want to look too eager and you don’t want to look too coy.

Now there is a website for that:  Txtwar.

It contains an algorithm to calculate how long to wait to text your crush back. Of course this is biased towards the creator, as all algorithms are. Txtwar starts by asking your gender. From there it poses six questions to help gauge the attractiveness of you and your crush, how much you like each other, and how long each party’s previous text response took. It uses a slider system for the questions of looks and likability that uses a seven-point scale. The algorithm then goes to work to figure out the right amount of time to wait before you text back.

There you have it.  Technology can help with nearly everything.

All this to say that yes, dating is complicated. Technology is available to help you navigate these complications. I get that you may be timid to enter into this dating world. But try. Try so you can find out who you are. The result of this learning process will then lead you to a good match to give you that love for a lifetime you desire.

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