Women’s Hearts Must Be Guarded.  Really?

I missed this message, which I understand started in the 90s, that it is a man’s responsibility to guard a woman’s heart.  I missed it because I was busy teaching my youth group and every camp and retreat that would have me something of more substance and more truth.

Yet I hear lingerings of this crazy message.  Since I missed this message I’m not sure I’m fully capable of commenting on it.  Yet I want to.  So I quote Eddie Kaufholz in this article he wrote for Relevant Magazine.

Message: Women’s hearts must be guarded.

Reality: Women can guard their own hearts, make their own decisions, and suffer the highs and lows of emotional intimacy just like the rest of us (if not better than the rest of us). The truth is, being a guardian of a heart is God’s job. Your job is to honor God, be respectful to her, and be brutally honest about when your feelings are casual and when they’re not.

And, let’s just be really honest, the reason “guarding her heart” became a thing is because men before you lied and we wanted a better term for lying. How about we just drop that and form a new message: Pursue God and quit lying to women to fulfill your desires for emotional and physical intimacy. Catchy!

Go ahead and read the entire article.  It is great.  Read the comments too.  They are educational and infuriating.

I stand by this.  Nothing more needs to be said.  I hope to not hear this again.

(Photo credit:  Pixabay.com)