Ghosting and Haunting Ridiculousness of Dating

No doubt dating is an adventure filled with quagmire. It is not easy. It is not a straight-line. It hurts at times. It infuriates at times. Yet it is an adventure that is worth it. Somehow through the process you are going to meet a good match and have a love for a lifetime. The bonus is you also get some crazy stories to share.

Which brings up ghosting and haunting. Oh the tangled web social media weaves into all parts of our lives.

Ghosting is method of breaking up with someone by simply cutting off all contact which includes all social media without any explanation. According to one survey from Plenty of Fish, 80 percent of single U.S. millennials have been ghosted. That is a lot of people who have been dating shallow chicken fools.

Haunting is when, though you have cut off all direct contact with someone, you still interact indirectly with the person on social media. This means you don’t send them messages, but you still “like” the person’s Facebook or Instagram posts or view his/her stories on Snapchat. When asked about the reason for such behavior, it is to keep the door open for a possibility. Oh really? A possibility of what? You’ve already ghosted which is irresponsible, selfish and childish. But you are going to hang around still and “like” or view this or that just to let the person you ghosted know you may still be interested. Ridiculous behavior.

If you are on the receiving end of any of this behavior, know this. That person is irresponsible, selfish, and childish. Most likely stupid too. Stupid because he/she has decided to treat you with such irresponsible, selfish and childish disregard. Move on. You’ve been spared.

And hopefully your team will help you find a better person to brave date with.


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