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The Act of Taming

Over the weekend John made me a Chicago-style pizza. He promised nearly a year-and-a-half ago to make me one and often forgot that promise. To be fair, I forgot to remind him (maybe nag him) more during that time frame. I got a text from John on February 12 promising to finally get that pizza […]

Why Your Friend Goes Back (Understanding Abuse)

The only one who can really understand why someone stays in an abusive relationship is the person it is happening to. It is VERY frustrating for the friends and family members who can see this happening plain as day, but when you are IN it, you have no idea how bad it is. You have […]

Notes From Ash Valentine’s Day

For Lent the staff at my church are reading Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren. This is how my first reading on Ash Valentine’s Day went: I wake slowly. Even when the day demands I rally quickly—when my kids leap on top of me with sharp elbows or […]

Cheers to Those Who Lean Into the Holy Tension

I know this great guy. He used to be a camp counselor at a camp I regularly speak at. He’s just announced that he’s going to run as a state representative to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. If elected he’ll be the third youngest person ever sworn in. When he personally told me he was going […]

The Great Adventure……

So today marks a big day in the life of Missionary Momma! I turn the big 40! Really, how in the heck did that happen?  I remember specifically when my parents turned 40 and it sure didn’t feel like that long ago and also, I remember feeling like 40 was OLD. Now though 40 is […]

Brave Dating Practices – Start Here

We believe in dating. We believe in dating that does not have the single focus of leading to marriage but leads to discovering who you are so you can find the match for you. We believe in: “Live your life to the full bravely following after Jesus. Now. As you are living bravely, who is […]

Justified in Your Unforgiveness

“Being strong means you avenge any wrong done to you. If someone hits you or pushes you, you have to push back harder. You don’t just let things go, because if you do, people won’t stop pushing and taking until there’s nothing left of you.” That is a quote from this book Convicted: A Crooked Cop, […]

You Sparkled Before Valentine’s Day

February is beginning but I’m afraid all things Valentine’s has begun long before February 1. Wonderful single people, I’m sorry that the world is putting you through this. It’s a stupid holiday. Much has been written on how a liturgical celebration to honor martyrs named Valentine became this stupid holiday. Google for that research. We […]

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