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I Used To See God as a Toymaker

I have always struggled with the idea of God feeling any real love towards His creation. Through the influence of certain churches and individuals, I have always seen God as a toymaker; He creates us for his own personal pleasure, but feels no genuine love towards us, and does not see us as having legitimate […]

Be Careful What You Fall in Love With

Two years ago as a single mom in my mid-thirties I fell in love, head over heels in love. I can’t say it was unexpected, I was a broken person searching for love. I had accounts on several dating sites, trying to find my Mr. Right in world. Maybe I was on the verge […]

Do You Have a Book Inside of You?

I was listening to this interview yesterday with author, Margaret Feinberg. She has written many Bravester-type of books. In this interview she said this, studies have shown that 70 percent of Americans believe they have a book in them. 70%!!!!  I believe when it comes to Christians that number probably goes up even higher because […]

An Open Letter to All Those Who Are #OVERIT

An open letter to all those who are #OVERIT: As a white middle class Christian, I do not claim to understand the hurt of racial and religious prejudice, though I do have friends who have had first hand experiences with it. As a woman and a millennial I have had my own experiences with prejudices […]

Joyfully Single on Valentine’s Day

This past week has been a week of considerable joy for me.  This is not a feeling I can say that I have been used to recently. Generally speaking the winter months come with a time of depression for me, an additional layer of gray and dulling fog over my already delicate emotional state. This […]

I May Be Leaving You But…

“I’m coming right back.” I quickly closed the door but I could hear her crying all the way in the kitchen. I had just left the classroom to go and get the afternoon snack like I did every day, but the little two year old was heartbroken that she couldn’t come along. She was being […]

It is Finished, But Not Over

Recently the semicolon has become a power symbol across popular culture. Utilized by survivors of trauma and mental illness as a sign of new beginnings, that the story is not over. What is a semicolon? defines the semicolon as a punctuation mark (;) used to join two independent clauses in a sentence. Basically a […]

The Broken Beautiful

Your Story is user-submitted honest stories from readers who have decided to live a brave life. Send your story to us: There comes a moment in life when one must make a choice to either accept their pain and move forward or to let the pain consume them. I have reached this point on […]

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