The Cure & Parents


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From Brenda:  Here is a parenting book that is actually helpful and one that will not leave you feeling like a failure. 

Parenting begins with us, the parents. It always involves earning our children’s trust. Whether we are overwhelmed at being parents, planning to be parents, reacting to our parents, or learning to stand with our kids as they now parent, we need to know there is always a way home, convinced God is in the middle of every stage of our family. Find yourself in this story as you ride along with the Clawsons on vacation. Go inside the episode as each part of the story unfolds, and find the freedom and truth that God offers us as we build trust with our kids, and discover insight and hope for our own painful patterns through the included discussion guide. This book is filled with joy, insight, wisdom and maybe a fresh way of seeing our families and ourselves. Enjoy the ride.


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