Deciding to live vulnerable with God

– ster

* A little ending that fits on almost any word to increase its cool factor.

Pain is the beginning.  Yes, pain hurts but no one is exempt from pain. This is your beginning so now you can make it through. You will find your worthy life and surprise yourself with how brave you are.

Words, music, and teaching that encourages you to live bravely. 

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Brenda has been teaching the messages of Bravester for over 25 years.  She is available to come to your group event.  People have found her vulnerability and storytelling mixed with the Bible to be inspirational and life changing.

“You have had a significant influence on how I view brokenness, forgiveness, and the role God plays through all of that through a very difficult time in my life. Since that year at CRC, I have taken significant steps to getting bitterness out of my heart… You have had a significant impact on my life. I really do not think I would be the woman I am today if it were not for the lessons you taught me. You are a strong instrument of God and his word.”  –Sara, former camp counselor and now inner-city missionary

Brenda can be joined by her husband John.  They have a back-and-forth dialog that mixes in John’s beautifully written music.  John is also available to lead worship for the event.

From Brenda’s 35 years of youth ministry experience, she has become a Brave Dating Coach.  She has a lot of good things to say to help her many grown teens be coached into marriage.  She is also available to teach on these many good things for your group event.