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24 Years of Disappointment with God

When I was called into full-time ministry I was given a gift. I had a growing heart for ministry, though I hadn’t acknowledged that yet. I was just happily busy serving at my church while living my life with a job, a cute house I was renting, and a steady beau. (Ah…the simple days, the […]

From a Calloused Broken Heart

Two years ago the longest 22 days of my life came to an end. At least that is how it felt. It all began with our grown son canceling a breakfast with my husband and then us receiving a phone call the next morning from a detective looking for him. Our beloved son—whom we could […]

An Open Letter to All Those Who Are #OVERIT

An open letter to all those who are #OVERIT: As a white middle class Christian, I do not claim to understand the hurt of racial and religious prejudice, though I do have friends who have had first hand experiences with it. As a woman and a millennial I have had my own experiences with prejudices […]

The Broken Beautiful in Orange Jumpsuits

To our delight our one son is still awaiting transfer from the local jail to the state prison system. It should have happened a year ago. It sounds like it is not going to happen for another year. We have no idea why. We would like to think that he is such a wonderful offender […]

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